2023 NFL season Watch NFL games without cable with live streams for every game

2023 NFL season Watch NFL games without cable with live streams for every game


The 2023 NFL season is set to be a thrilling one, filled with intriguing storylines and intense matchups. One of the biggest stories this year revolves around Aaron Rodgers, who will be starting as quarterback for a team other than the Green Bay Packers for the first time in his career. Rodgers has now joined the New York Jets, donning their money-green jersey. With Rodgers’ addition, along with other key signings like running back Dalvin Cook, the Jets are considered favorites to win it all.

But Rodgers isn’t the only story worth following this season. With the retirement of Tom Brady from the sport, the question arises: Who will emerge as the next big threat to overshadow Brady’s legacy? Patrick Mahomes, who led the Kansas City Chiefs to victory last year, is in the driver’s seat to claim that title if he can repeat as champion. Additionally, fans will be eager to see how Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles bounce back from a heartbreaking loss that gave Mahomes his second title. And of course, the Cincinnati Bengals, led by quarterback Joe Burrow, will be hoping to overcome their Super Bowl slump.

The 2023 NFL season kicks off with a Thursday Night Football game between the maturing Detroit Lions and the defending Super Bowl champions at Arrowhead Stadium. The game will be aired nationally on NBC and Peacock, with kickoff set for 8:20 p.m Eastern on September 7. To ensure you don’t miss any of the action throughout the season, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on how to watch and stream NFL games without cable.

How to Watch NFL Games Without Cable

There are several options available for watching select NFL games without a cable subscription. Live TV streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Peacock Premium, and NFL+ offer access to certain games. Additionally, local NFL games can be watched with an HDTV antenna. Here’s a breakdown of the major platforms and streaming services where you can catch your favorite teams in action:

Networks and Streaming Services for Every Major Platform

Network/Service Games available
Amazon Prime Video Thursday Night Football (10 games)
Peacock Premium All Sunday Night Football games
NFL+ All NFL games, on-demand
HDTV Antenna Local NFL games

Please note that the chart above pertains to local in-market and national broadcasts during the regular season, and out-of-market games may not be available through these services.

How to Stream NFL Games Without Cable

If you’re looking for more streaming options, we’ve got you covered. Whether you prefer an all-inclusive streaming service or cheaper monthly subscriptions, here’s a closer look at how you can stream Thursday Night Football, Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and more:

  1. Amazon Prime Video: With an Amazon Prime membership, you gain access to a selection of Thursday Night Football games.
  2. Peacock Premium: For all Sunday Night Football games, you can tune in to Peacock Premium, a streaming service available at a monthly cost.
  3. NFL+: The NFL’s official streaming platform, NFL+, offers on-demand access to all NFL games. This service requires a subscription.
  4. HDTV Antenna: Installing an HDTV antenna allows you to watch local NFL games. This option is ideal for those who want to avoid monthly subscription fees.

With these streaming options, you can enjoy the excitement of NFL games without being tied to a traditional cable subscription. Whether you’re rooting for Aaron Rodgers in his new Jets uniform or eagerly watching other teams’ journeys, these services offer a convenient way to catch every game. So grab your favorite snacks, gather with friends and family, and get ready for an unforgettable NFL season!