7 Walmart-specific slang terms

7 Walmart-specific slang terms

Walmart Employees Revealing the Secrets behind the Slang Terms Used in the Workplace


Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, employs a staggering 16 million people in the United States alone. With such a massive workforce, it’s no wonder that a unique culture and code have developed within the company. Insider recently spoke to Walmart employees and delved into some of the slang terms and acronyms they use at work, shedding light on the hidden language of the retail giant.

A Dance Floor for Crate Unloading

One term that caught our attention is “dance floor.” This refers to the large open area where delivery trucks unload crates of products. According to a Texas employee and various Reddit posts, this area is playfully referred to as the “dance floor” among Walmart employees. It’s where the action begins as new merchandise arrives and is distributed throughout the store.

The Art of Plugging

Another intriguing term is “plugging.” This refers to the practice of stocking items in the wrong spot. While it may seem counterintuitive, there are reasons behind this peculiar behavior. Sometimes, there is more product than can fit on the shelf, and instead of letting it go to waste, Walmart employees find creative ways to make use of the excess inventory. This can include cramming items into nearby spaces or even mixing up different flavors of products. In some cases, employees deliberately “plug” to make the shelves appear full when stocks are running low. It’s an interesting behind-the-scenes strategy to maintain an inviting display for customers.

The Action Alley

As the name suggests, “Action Alley” is where the action happens in a Walmart store. It refers to the wide aisle that runs across the store, separating departments. This is the area where customers can expect to find the most foot traffic, with employees bustling around to ensure merchandise is well-stocked and readily accessible. It serves as the main artery connecting different sections of the store.

Unlocking the Secrets of “The Wire”

While it may sound like a mysterious thriller, “The Wire” is not an underground network within Walmart but rather the internal portal for employee resources. Officially known as OneWalmart, employees have affectionately nicknamed it “The Wire.” This centralized online platform allows employees to access various resources, including online training, scheduling adjustments, and company policies. It’s the virtual hub where Walmart employees stay connected and informed.

Beyond Fresh Produce: The Wet Wall

Walmart employees have a name for everything, including the produce section, which they call the “wet wall.” This area, typically with a mat in front of it, is where fresh vegetables and fruits are displayed. The name comes from the potential moisture that can accumulate due to the dampness of the produce. This clever term highlights the practical aspects of stocking and maintaining a clean and tidy environment for perishable goods.

The Meat Wall and Insider Secrets

Adjacent to the wet wall is the “meat wall,” where Walmart stocks its meat products. From ground beef to chicken and deli meats, this section is a crucial focal point for many customers. Interestingly, the name “meat wall” comes from the physical location of the meat coolers, which are often built into one of the store’s walls. This insider secret gives a glimpse into the thought and planning behind Walmart’s store layout.

The Mule Cart Pusher

At Walmart, employees rely on a mechanical aid called “the mule” to round up carts in the parking lot. This machine, typically red with an orange light on top, assists employees in gathering carts efficiently, reducing the physical load and allowing for a quicker collection process. However, it’s important to note that not all stores have a mule. Smaller Walmart locations may require employees to manually gather carts using straps and manpower.

Walmart’s unique slang terms and acronyms provide insight into the intricacies of working in one of the world’s largest retail chains. From quirky names for different areas of the store to behind-the-scenes strategies, these terms are a testament to the camaraderie and culture fostered within Walmart’s massive workforce. So the next time you visit a Walmart store, keep an eye out for the dance floor, wet wall, and the mules that keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.