A Dollar General shopper found the store doors open after closing time.

A Dollar General shopper found the store doors open after closing time.

Dollar General Customer Finds Herself in a “Closed” Store Adventure

Dollar General

A recent TikTok video has gone viral, showing a customer’s unexpected shopping experience in a closed Dollar General store. The doors were apparently unlocked, leading her to believe the store was open and she proceeded to shop. The incident sheds light on the chronic understaffing issues often faced by Dollar General stores.

The TikTok user, Sandravasqz, shared her escapade on the social media platform. She explained that she entered the store around 9:45 pm, oblivious to the fact that it had closed almost an hour earlier. The dimly lit store didn’t raise any initial suspicion, as she assumed the lighting was just part of the store’s typical ambiance. Unfortunately, it was only when she reached the register to pay for a bag of Takis that she realized something was amiss.

“I hit the register and put my stuff down, and that’s when the alarm started going off,” she narrated in the video. The TikTok clip includes footage of lights blinking and an alarm blaring in the background. Undeterred by the situation, the customer promptly called 911 and waited for the police to arrive. The video even humorously includes the theme song from the TV series “Cops,” underscoring the unexpected adventure she found herself in.

While this incident may seem like an isolated case of mistaken open hours, it highlights broader concerns about Dollar General stores. The chain has faced millions of dollars in fines from the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration for various violations, including malfunctioning bathrooms and blocked fire exits. These issues suggest a lack of oversight and maintenance by the company.

Insider previously spoke to Dollar General employees who revealed that the stores are often understaffed. This shortage of employees can be attributed, in part, to the retailer’s inadequate wages, which are not competitive compared to other employers in the industry. Many employees have reported scenarios where only one worker is on duty, and customers have limited interaction with employees unless it’s necessary for checkout.

This latest incident serves as a cautionary tale for both Dollar General customers and the company itself. Dollar General needs to address its chronic understaffing and safety issues to avoid further mishaps and fines. Moreover, they need to reevaluate their pay structure to attract and retain high-quality employees who can provide better customer service.

If you are a Dollar General employee with a story to share, do not hesitate to reach out to this reporter at [email protected] or via the encrypted messaging app Signal at +1-808-854-4501. Your perspective and experiences are valuable in shedding light on the situation and fostering positive change within the company. Together, we can strive for a safer and more enjoyable shopping experience at Dollar General.