A trainee driving instructor crashed into the driving school where he worked on his second day.

A trainee driving instructor crashed into the driving school where he worked on his second day.

Trainee Driving Instructor Crashes into Driving School on Second Day

Trainee Driving Instructor

A trainee driving instructor had quite an eventful second day on the job when he crashed his car into the very driving school he was working at. The incident took place at the Community Driving School in Lakewood, Colorado. Although the driver’s name remains undisclosed, Lakewood Police confirmed that he was cited for a traffic violation in connection with the accident.

According to reports, the trainee driving instructor was attempting to park his Hyundai when things took a sudden turn for the worse. The car ended up plowing into the front of the driving school, causing minor damage to the building. Fortunately, only one person suffered minor injuries in the incident, and it was later clarified that no students were present in the car at the time of the crash.

Parking Mishap

Steve Rohman, the franchise owner of Learn to Drive school, spoke to CBS 11 News and shed some light on the trainee and the circumstances surrounding the accident. He confirmed that the driver was attending his second day of training and was using his personal vehicle. Rohman emphasized that the safety of employees and students was of utmost importance and expressed relief that, in this case, no one was seriously injured.

Additionally, Rohman made it clear that the trainee had not yet begun instructing any students and that the incident was a result of a parking mishap. In his interview with The Denver Gazette, he acknowledged that mistakes happen, especially for new drivers. It appears that the employee is no longer associated with the driving school, though it is unclear if this was due to the accident or other circumstances.

The incident caught the attention of local authorities, and Lakewood Police Department shared a picture of the crashed vehicle on X (previously known as Twitter). The incident serves as a reminder that accidents can happen to anyone, especially those who are relatively new behind the wheel. It also highlights the need for defensive driving education and continued training to minimize such incidents.

It is worth noting that traffic incidents have been on the rise in Colorado. The Denver Post reported a 57% increase in traffic-related fatalities over the past decade, with 745 people losing their lives in accidents last year alone. These statistics indicate that there is an urgent need for comprehensive driver education programs and initiatives to improve road safety in the state.

In line with this goal, a new bill was introduced to the Colorado state legislature in January. The proposed legislation would require individuals under the age of 21 to attend a minimum of 36 hours of driver’s education classes. This initiative aims to provide young drivers with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the roads safely, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

While this incident may have been a moment of embarrassment for the trainee driving instructor, it serves as a reminder that mistakes happen and learning from them is crucial. It is essential for all drivers, regardless of their experience level, to remain vigilant and continue honing their skills on the road. By prioritizing driver education and safety, we can work towards creating a safer and more responsible driving culture in our communities.