ADT’s commercial unit to be privatized by GTCR for $1.6 billion.

ADT's commercial unit to be privatized by GTCR for $1.6 billion.

ADT to Sell Commercial Security Unit for $1.6 Billion


Aug 8 (ANBLE) – In a surprising move, home and small business security firm ADT has announced the sale of its commercial security, fire, and life safety unit to private equity firm GTCR for a hefty sum of $1.6 billion1. This strategic decision is expected to provide ADT with much-needed capital to reduce debt and create a leaner business model. The news has caused a stir in the industry, with ADT’s shares rising by up to 1.3% in premarket trading2.

ADT’s Chief Executive Officer, Jim DeVries, expressed optimism about the deal, emphasizing the mutual benefits it will bring to both ADT and ADT Commercial. DeVries highlighted GTCR’s support and expertise as valuable assets that will contribute to the future success of the commercial unit3. This partnership is anticipated to bolster ADT Commercial’s position in the market, opening doors to new opportunities and growth.

The transaction is expected to be finalized by the fourth quarter of 2023, pending regulatory approval. ADT’s sale of its commercial security division reflects the company’s strategy to focus more intensely on its core business of providing security solutions for homes and small businesses4. This move aligns with ADT’s commitment to tailor its resources and efforts towards meeting the evolving needs of the residential security market.

The $1.6 billion influx from the sale will significantly fortify ADT’s financial position and will likely be allocated towards reducing its debt burden5. Besides alleviating financial constraints, ADT aims to leverage this opportunity to invest in research and development, innovation, and the expansion of its residential security offerings. By doing so, ADT can ensure it remains at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge security solutions to its customers.


ADT’s decision to divest its commercial security, fire, and life safety unit indicates a strategic shift towards consolidating its position in the residential security market. This move not only provides ADT with a substantial cash infusion but also allows the company to streamline its focus, resources, and efforts. The partnership with private equity firm GTCR promises to bring valuable support and expertise to ADT Commercial, positioning it for future growth and success. As the dust settles on this monumental deal, the industry eagerly awaits the outcome and its potential impact on the competitive landscape.

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