Aerospace recovery strong ANBLE economic forecasts

Aerospace recovery strong ANBLE economic forecasts

The Aerospace Recovery: Airbus Outpacing Boeing

Aerospace Recovery

Manufacturing took a hard blow from the pandemic, and its journey towards recovery has been fraught with ups and downs. However, in the aviation sector, a clear winner is emerging. While both Airbus and Boeing continue to experience an increase in new orders, Airbus is outpacing its U.S. rival in a significant way.

Halfway through the year, Airbus has already netted 1,044 new aircraft orders, a staggering four times the number of orders it received during the same period last year. In contrast, Boeing has secured only 415 new orders this year, compared to 186 in the first half of 2022. This stark difference in numbers reflects Airbus’ dominant position in the market.

However, market share isn’t the only factor contributing to Airbus’ success. The company’s backlog of unfilled orders is also expanding rapidly, standing at 7,967 aircraft in June 2023, compared to 7,046 in June 2022. On the other hand, Boeing’s backlog stands at 4,879, up from 4,239 in 2022. While Boeing remains a significant player, it has fallen into a distant second place.

The challenge for both companies lies in their ability to increase their delivery rates to meet customer demands. Ongoing supply chain issues continue to pose obstacles. Although Airbus has made some progress, delivering 316 aircraft in the first half of this year (compared to 295 in 2022), and Boeing has delivered 266 aircraft (compared to 216 in 2022), the road ahead is not without challenges. The shortage of certain components and materials, such as semiconductors and titanium, continues to strain production timelines.

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