An Uber Eats rider and YouTuber has stopped picking up from McDonald’s due to mistreatment of delivery staff and frequent drink spills.

An Uber Eats rider and YouTuber has stopped picking up from McDonald's due to mistreatment of delivery staff and frequent drink spills.

Bryce Pritchett: The YouTuber and Uber Eats Rider Who Avoids McDonald’s


Bryce Pritchett, an Uber Eats delivery rider and YouTuber, has garnered a following of over 138,000 subscribers by videoing his experiences while making deliveries around the wealthiest areas of London. Documenting his daily rides on his YouTube channel called “London Hustle,” Pritchett captures point-of-view clips as he navigates through the city’s busy streets. However, among the many restaurants and chains that Uber Eats partners with, Pritchett has singled out one restaurant he refuses to pick up from – McDonald’s.

The Birth of a YouTube Channel

Pritchett, 23, began filming his deliveries for TikTok and YouTube after being asked to pick up an order for 15 pumpkins for a Halloween customer last year. Since then, several of his videos have gone viral, attracting millions of views. One particular video, showing him delivering a single cream donut from Dunkin’ Donuts, received over 9.6 million views on TikTok. As Pritchett usually works four days a week in two different shifts, he follows the best-paying jobs to maximize his earnings.

The McDonald’s Dilemma

However, Pritchett has chosen to steer clear of McDonald’s for a series of reasons. He claims that McDonald’s is notoriously slow in processing orders, causing significant delays for delivery riders. Furthermore, he asserts that the fast-food chain treats its delivery staff poorly. But it’s not just the working conditions that have prompted Pritchett to avoid McDonald’s – it’s the drinks. According to him, the way they seal their drinks is subpar, leading to frequent spills, whether they are hot or cold. As a result, Pritchett simply tries to avoid McDonald’s altogether.

In response to Insider’s request for comment, McDonald’s suggested that they would investigate the matter.

Tipping Culture in the UK

While Uber Eats delivery drivers, including the company’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, have raised concerns about “tip-baiting” in the US, Pritchett claims that it is not a prevalent issue in the UK. Tip-baiting occurs when a customer promises a substantial tip before retracting it upon delivery or leaving a significantly smaller amount. In the UK, it is common for customers not to tip in the first place.

Despite delivering to exclusive areas such as Soho, Oxford Street, and South Kensington, Pritchett revealed that he only earned £8 (approximately $10.21) in tips during a 24-hour shift. This represents a stark contrast to the experiences of delivery drivers in the US, where earning around $25 per hour in tips is not uncommon. A Philadelphia food-delivery driver even admitted to declining 75% of orders and focusing on wealthy areas to boost his tip income.

YouTube Views as a Gamechanger

However, Pritchett’s YouTube channel has provided him with an additional source of income. Through his videos, especially the more successful ones, he has been able to generate some extra earnings. This has made the more challenging aspects of his job a little more bearable, providing a silver lining to his delivery adventures.

In conclusion, Bryce Pritchett has become a prominent figure in the world of food delivery and YouTube by showcasing his experiences on London’s streets. While he actively avoids picking up orders from McDonald’s due to their slow service and poor treatment of delivery staff, his YouTube channel has given him a platform to share his daily journeys and earn additional income. Despite the limited tipping culture in the UK, Pritchett’s videos have added a touch of humor and positivity to an otherwise demanding job.

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