Apple Watch Series 8 A major upgrade for older WatchOS users

Apple Watch Series 8 A major upgrade for older WatchOS users

The Apple Watch Series 8: A Game-Changer for Some, but Not for All

Apple Watch Series 8

When it comes to smartwatches, Apple has been leading the game for years. The latest addition to their lineup, the Apple Watch Series 8, builds upon the success of its predecessor, the Series 7, with a few notable changes. The Series 8 introduces Crash Detection, body temperature sensing, and a new Low Power Mode that extends the battery life to up to 36 hours.

For those who are still using older models like the Series 3 or older, or those who are new to the Apple Watch, the Series 8 is a highly refined and impressive device. It features narrow bezels, advanced health and fitness sensors and features, an always-on display, and impressive battery life. In fact, it holds its own against the higher-end Apple Watch Ultra.

However, if you already own a Series 5 or newer, the Series 8 may not be a significant upgrade. While it offers some improvements, such as the always-on display, the overall experience is quite similar. The Series 8 is a subtle evolution of its predecessors, rather than a revolutionary new device.

Let’s take a closer look at the key features of the Apple Watch Series 8:

What works

  • Narrow screen bezel: The Series 8 features a slim design with narrow borders, giving it a more premium and stylish look.
  • Comprehensive health, fitness, and safety sensors and features: With a combination of accurate sensors and features like GPS, heart rate monitoring, and ECG functionality, the Series 8 offers a top-notch health and fitness tracking experience.
  • Smooth performance: Powered by the S8 processor (which is essentially an advanced version of the S6 chip), the Series 8 runs smoothly and performs efficiently.

What needs work

  • Not much of an upgrade from Series 5 or newer: If you already own a Series 5 or newer, the Series 8 may not offer enough new features to justify an upgrade.
  • Low Power mode sacrifices utility: While the new Low Power Mode extends the battery life, it disables some core features such as the always-on display and incoming phone calls, making it less useful for day-to-day use.
  • Temperature sensing doesn’t benefit all users: The Series 8 introduces body temperature sensors, which can be useful for some users, but may not be a necessary feature for everyone.
Apple Watch Series 8

The design of the Apple Watch Series 8 remains largely unchanged from the Series 7, with its recognizable look and customizable options. It boasts a comfortable fit and is lightweight enough for all-day wear. The Series 8 runs on the improved S8 processor, providing smooth and efficient performance. While it may not be the latest chip on the market, it still offers a great user experience.

For users of the older Series 3, the Series 8 will be a game-changer. It features a sleek design with thinner and rounded bezels, offering a more modern look. The performance improvements are also noticeable, making tasks like using Apple Pay and navigating through the interface faster and smoother. Additionally, since Apple is no longer supporting software updates for the Series 3, upgrading to the Series 8 ensures better performance and security updates.

In terms of health and fitness tracking, the Apple Watch Series 8 excels. It combines various sensors to provide accurate data on heart rate, sleep tracking, and even body temperature. The new body temperature sensors are designed to predict ovulation and period cycles, which can be helpful for some users. However, users should be mindful of the potential privacy concerns associated with collecting such data. Nonetheless, the Series 8 still offers exceptional health and fitness tracking capabilities.

One feature that stands out in the Apple Watch Series 8 is Crash Detection. This feature automatically detects if you’ve been in a car crash and contacts emergency services if you fail to respond within 10 seconds. While it’s an important safety feature, Apple is continuously working to refine it and avoid false crash detections.

Overall, the Apple Watch Series 8 is a worthy upgrade for those coming from the Series 3 or older. It offers significant improvements in design, performance, and safety features. However, for owners of the Series 5 or newer, it may not be necessary to upgrade unless they specifically want the new features. The Series 8 is available at two price points, starting at $399 for the GPS-only model and $499 for the cellular connectivity version.

The Apple Watch Series 8 continues to solidify Apple’s position as the leader in the smartwatch market. Its versatility is unparalleled, with a wide range of compatible straps and accessories available. Whether you’re looking for a watch that’s perfect for working out, a stylish accessory, or a device that prioritizes safety, the Apple Watch Series 8 has you covered.

If the Series 8’s price range doesn’t fit your budget, consider the second-generation Apple Watch SE. While it lacks some of the advanced features of the Series 8, it delivers comparable fitness tracking capabilities and includes Crash Detection, all at a more affordable price point. Regardless of which Apple Watch model you choose, one thing is certain: Apple continues to provide the best smartwatches money can buy.