Apple Watch Ultra Durable, accurate GPS, longer battery – the must-have smartwatch for sports and outdoors

Apple Watch Ultra Durable, accurate GPS, longer battery - the must-have smartwatch for sports and outdoors

The Apple Watch Ultra: A Rugged and Stylish High-End Wearable

Apple Watch Ultra

When it comes to smartwatches, the Apple Watch Ultra stands out as a premium, rugged option designed for avid outdoors people and endurance athletes. However, even if you don’t fall into those categories, there are still plenty of reasons why the Ultra might appeal to you. With its long battery life, durable titanium casing, unique functions, large display, and customizable Action button, the Ultra delivers on its promises.

What Works: Long Battery Life, Large Display, and the Game-Changing Action Button

The Apple Watch Ultra boasts the longest battery life of any Apple Watch, allowing you to go longer between charges. This is especially appealing for endurance athletes or those who engage in lengthy activities where a standard smartwatch’s battery life may not suffice. The Ultra’s large and bright display provides ample screen real estate for easy reading and viewing of information. Additionally, the Action Button is a game-changer, allowing you to quickly access and perform specific tasks with minimal effort. Whether you’re starting a workout, setting a waypoint, enabling backtracking, starting a dive, or turning on the flashlight, the Action Button significantly streamlines these actions.

What Needs Work: Size Options and Action Button Customization

One drawback of the Ultra is the lack of a smaller size option. For those with smaller wrists, the chunkier design of the Ultra may be a deal-breaker. Additionally, while the Action Button is a useful addition, it could benefit from more customization options. Currently, there are limited presets, and the process to add custom functions via the Shortcuts app can be convoluted. However, there is potential for these limitations to be addressed through future software updates.

The Apple Watch Ultra: A Rugged Version of the Series 8

The Apple Watch Ultra shares many similarities with the Apple Watch Series 8. Both models feature Apple’s new safety and health features, such as Emergency SOS, Crash Detection, and a sensor for tracking body temperature during sleep. However, the Ultra introduces significant advancements to the Apple Watch lineup. Sporting a corrosion-resistant titanium case with a hardened glass display, the Ultra offers enhanced durability and water resistance capabilities, making it suitable for deep-sea diving. It also features an 86-decibel siren and a more precise dual-frequency GPS for added safety and location tracking.

It Looks Good On and Off the Trails

One of the Ultra’s appealing characteristics is its larger size, which results in a bigger screen that is easier to read and view. While this may attract many users, individuals with smaller wrists might find the chunkier design less desirable, especially considering the absence of a smaller size option. That said, the Ultra’s rugged yet stylish appearance is suitable for everyday wear, evoking the aesthetics of pricier watches like Tag Heuer. Additionally, the Ultra is compatible with a wide range of bands, allowing for personalization and style.

Every Apple Watch Should Have an Action Button

In addition to the standard Digital Crown and side button found on all Apple Watch models, the Ultra introduces the Action Button. This button enables users to quickly perform specific tasks, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient user experience. For example, activating the flashlight or starting a workout becomes more accessible, ultimately saving time and effort. While the Action Button’s functionality is valuable, it would benefit from additional preset options and easier customization. Nonetheless, its inclusion is a step in the right direction, and it may evolve further through future software updates.

The Apple Watch Ultra’s Phenomenal Battery Life

Battery life is often a crucial consideration when choosing a smartwatch, and the Ultra surpasses expectations. Apple claims a 36-hour battery life, but real-world usage demonstrates that the Ultra can easily last three days and two nights with normal use. This extended battery life is particularly advantageous during activities such as long-distance runs or triathlons, where a standard Apple Watch’s battery might not endure. The Ultra also features a Low Power Mode, which can extend battery life for an additional day. However, it should be noted that this mode limits certain functions, such as background heart-rate measurements and notifications when the iPhone is not nearby.

Should You Buy the Apple Watch Ultra?

The Apple Watch Ultra is an excellent smartwatch, but whether it’s worth the investment depends on your priorities and budget. Priced at $800, it is not a bargain when compared to Apple’s other less expensive models that offer similarly impressive features and functionalities. However, if you value the Ultra’s design, large screen, Action Button, and exceptional battery life, it may be justifiable for you to splurge on it. Alternatively, the aluminum Apple Watch Series 8 offers a nearly identical experience at a more affordable price point. Ultimately, the choice boils down to personal preferences and budget considerations.

Apple Watch Comparison

In conclusion, the Apple Watch Ultra shines as a high-end, rugged wearable designed for outdoors enthusiasts and athletes. While its higher price tag and larger size may deter some users, those who prioritize durability, extended battery life, and unique features like the Action Button will find the Ultra an appealing choice. With its stylish design and impressive capabilities, the Ultra offers a compelling option in the smartwatch market. Whether you choose the Ultra or opt for a more affordable model, Apple’s innovative technology continues to revolutionize the wearable industry.