Barbara Corcoran’s advice for ending a job interview.

Barbara Corcoran's advice for ending a job interview.


Barbara Corcoran’s Secret Question That Guarantees Success in Job Interviews

Barbara Corcoran, the renowned real estate mogul and star of the hit show “Shark Tank,” has recently shared the essential question she believes every candidate should ask in a job interview. Known for her ability to clinch new partnerships and come out on top in business deals, Corcoran’s tactic is guaranteed to earn the respect of the interview panel.

In a TikTok video filmed in the garden of her home, Corcoran reveals the question that candidates should ask before leaving the room: “Is there anything standing in the way of you hiring me?” According to Corcoran, this simple tactic forces the interviewer to consider any potential objections and gives the candidate a final opportunity to address them.

Corcoran emphasizes the importance of being proactive and respectful in the job interview. By asking this bold question, candidates establish a rapport with the interviewing panel and demonstrate their confidence and assertiveness. It also shows their willingness to overcome any hurdles that may be preventing them from getting hired.

The real estate mogul’s approach aligns with the strategies of other successful individuals who have landed coveted roles. Tracy Britt Cool, Warren Buffett’s protege, shared her proactive and respectful approach to landing a job with Berkshire Hathaway. After graduating from Harvard Business School, she wrote letters to top executives at major companies, including Morgan Stanley and Bear Stearns, which ultimately led to meetings and opportunities.

Corcoran’s question not only establishes a rapport but also garners the interviewer’s respect. With her bold and fearless attitude, Corcoran has proven time and again that she is not afraid to voice her thoughts. In fact, she once took former President Donald Trump to court and emerged victorious. Her tenacity and determination have played a crucial role in her success, both in business and on the ABC show “Shark Tank.”

Corcoran’s relentless pursuit of her goals is exemplified by the story of how she secured her spot on “Shark Tank.” Initially told that another female entrepreneur had taken her seat, Corcoran sent an email directly to producer Mark Burnett, requesting a chance to compete for the seat. Her request was granted, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Corcoran concludes her message by encouraging candidates to ask the question she has shared: “Ask it, watch what happens. You’ll close the deal.” By putting candidates in a position where they can address any potential objections, this question gives them the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the interviewer and increase their chances of success.

Insights from Other Masters of the Trade

Barbara Corcoran isn’t the only successful individual with career tricks up her sleeve. Her “Shark Tank” co-star and billionaire entrepreneur, Mark Cuban, once shared the answer to a “trick question” that landed him a job forty years ago. During an interview for a PC salesman position at Your Business Software, Cuban was asked what he would do if faced with a customer question he didn’t know the answer to. His response, “I would look it up in the manual and find the answer for them,” impressed the interviewer and sealed the deal.

Similarly, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has also imparted his wisdom on acing interview questions. In a YouTube series called “State of Inspiration,” hosted by NBA star Stephen Curry, Gates shared his response to the classic interview question: “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” His honest and self-aware response highlighted his strong suits in product definition and creation, while acknowledging his lack of expertise in marketing and sales.

These insights from successful individuals showcase the importance of confidence, proactivity, and authenticity in job interviews. By asking the right questions, demonstrating problem-solving skills, and being honest about strengths and weaknesses, candidates can set themselves apart from the competition.

In the ever-competitive job market, it’s crucial to utilize creative tactics, like Barbara Corcoran’s question, to make a lasting impression. By taking charge of the interview process and addressing potential concerns head-on, candidates can showcase their determination and eagerness to overcome obstacles. So, next time you find yourself in a job interview, don’t forget to ask the most important question: “Is there anything standing in the way of you hiring me?”