Best 2023 TVs LG, TCL, Sony, Samsung, and Hisense top picks

Best 2023 TVs LG, TCL, Sony, Samsung, and Hisense top picks

Best TVs 2023

If you’re in the market for a new TV in 2023, you’re in luck. There are countless options available, ranging from colorful 4K displays to affordable HDTVs to razor-sharp 8K sets. However, amidst all the choices, there is one thing that all the best TVs have in common: a reliable viewing experience.

To find the best TV for your needs, you need to consider what features are most important to you, how much you’re willing to spend, and where you plan to place your display. For example, OLED TVs are ideal for home theaters, while QLED models are better suited for bright living rooms. However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option for a small bedroom, an HDTV might be all you need.

To help you make an informed decision, we have tested and researched all the best 4K TVs, 8K models, and affordable displays on the market. Based on different budgets and viewing needs, we have rounded up our top picks for the best TVs you can buy right now.

Our Top Picks for the Best TVs

  1. Best Overall: Samsung S95B 4K TVSee at Walmart The Samsung S95B OLED offers premium 4K image quality with unmatched contrast and color performance at an unbeatable value. This TV provides an exceptional viewing experience and delivers picture perfect visuals.

  2. Best High-End Display: Sony A95K 4K TVSee at Amazon The Sony A95K OLED may not come cheap, but it is worth every penny if you want the most accurate picture possible. This TV ensures that you enjoy a truly immersive and lifelike viewing experience.

  3. Best Midrange Model: Hisense U7H 4K TVSee at Best Buy Punching above its weight class, Hisense’s U7H 4K TV offers excellent brightness performance for the money. You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a high-quality visual experience.

  4. Best OLED on a Budget: LG A2 4K TVSee at Amazon OLED TVs are typically associated with a hefty price tag, but the LG A2 breaks that stereotype. This TV is the most affordable OLED model available, offering good value without compromising on picture quality.

  5. Best QLED for Budget Buyers: Hisense U6H 4K TVSee at Best Buy The Hisense U6H proves that budget-friendly 4K TVs can still offer cool features like quantum dots and local dimming. This TV strikes a balance between affordability and performance.

  6. Best HDTV: TCL S3 Series HDTVSee at Amazon TCL’s S3 HDTV is a reliable and affordable option, perfect for casual viewing. If you’re looking for a smaller smart TV, this model is an excellent choice.

  7. Best 8K Display: Samsung QN900CSee at Amazon While we’re not entirely convinced that 8K is a necessity right now, there’s no denying the stunning visual appeal of the Samsung QN900C. This TV looks especially breathtaking in larger sizes, providing an incredibly immersive experience.

Please note that all the TVs we recommend are available in multiple screen sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your space. While the features are typically consistent across different sizes, there may be slight differences in performance.

In conclusion, the best TV for you depends on your priorities, budget, and viewing environment. Whether you opt for the Samsung S95B for top-notch image quality, the Hisense U7H for value, or the LG A2 for an affordable OLED option, there is a TV out there that will meet your needs. Happy watching!