Beyond Meat’s latest ad addresses criticisms from the meat industry about plant-based food being processed and unhealthy.

Beyond Meat's latest ad addresses criticisms from the meat industry about plant-based food being processed and unhealthy.

Beyond Meat’s New Ad Celebrates the Goodness of Plant-Based Meat

Beyond Meat Ad

Beyond Meat recently launched a new ad campaign that aims to dispel the notion that plant-based meats are highly processed and unhealthy. The ad, titled “There’s Goodness Here,” showcases the farm fields of North Dakota and introduces viewers to Steven, a fava bean farmer. The inclusion of fava beans in Beyond’s products highlights the wholesome ingredients used by the company. The ad seeks to demystify Beyond Meat’s process and celebrates the goodness in every step of the brand’s mission and products.

This new ad from Beyond Meat is a response to years of criticism from the Center for Consumer Freedom, a group with ties to the meat industry. The Center has claimed that plant-based meats are “ultra-processed” and poses health risks. Their messaging has had an impact, with figures like Whole Foods co-founder and former CEO John Mackey expressing concerns about the healthiness of plant-based meats.

While Impossible Foods has been active in countering these claims, the ad represents Beyond Meat’s biggest effort to do the same. Instead of focusing solely on countering criticisms, the ad showcases the positivity and wholesomeness of the brand. By featuring sweeping shots of farm fields and highlighting the farmer behind the fava beans, Beyond asserts that its plant-based meats are a natural and nutritious choice.

One aspect emphasized in the ad is Beyond’s plant-based steak recently receiving certification as a “heart-healthy food” from the American Heart Association. This recognition reinforces the idea that plant-based meats can be part of a balanced and healthy diet. By attaching this certification, Beyond aims to reassure consumers that their products are not only good for the planet but also for their well-being.

The new ad campaign comes at a time when Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, and other plant-based meat companies are facing a slump in sales. The company attributes this decline, in part, to food price inflation, which has led some consumers to seek out more affordable alternatives. By showcasing the goodness of their products and highlighting their health benefits, Beyond Meat hopes to revitalize interest and regain market momentum.

In conclusion, Beyond Meat’s latest ad campaign marks a significant effort to challenge the notion that plant-based meats are unhealthy and highly processed. By showcasing the fava bean farmer and highlighting their heart-healthy certification, the company aims to dispel doubts and assure consumers of the wholesome nature of their products. It’s a humorous and positive approach that celebrates the goodness of plant-based meat, ultimately aiming to boost sales and bring plant-based options into the mainstream market.