China’s foreign minister has been removed from his post after disappearing from the public eye, and the reason remains unknown.

China's foreign minister has been removed from his post after disappearing from the public eye, and the reason remains unknown.

China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang Ousted: The Mystery Unfolded

Qin Gang

One month after his sudden disappearance from the public eye, Qin Gang, China’s former foreign minister, was removed from his post, leaving the world puzzled and curious. The lack of explanation surrounding his departure has shrouded the situation in mystery, with experts speculating whether we will ever truly know the reasons behind it.

China’s state-run press agency, Xinhua, announced that the “top legislature voted to appoint Wang Yi as foreign minister” and confirmed Qin Gang’s removal without elaborating further. Wang, a veteran of the Chinese government, previously served as foreign minister from 2013 to 2022.

The foreign ministry’s website has already expunged references to Qin, further contributing to the opacity surrounding his case. Insider reached out to China’s foreign ministry for comment, but no response was received.

The Opacity of the Chinese Government

Qin’s abrupt departure highlights the inherent opacity of the Chinese government, making it unlikely that we will ever have a complete understanding of the circumstances. Jeremy Chan, a consultant at Eurasia Group, acknowledges the limitations in shedding light on Qin’s case. According to Chan, “so much remains unknown about Qin’s case that it is impossible to answer this question with precision.” He believes that the way the Chinese government has handled the situation thus far signifies that a complete account of the reasons behind Qin’s disappearance is highly unlikely.

Chong Ja Ian, an associate professor at the National University of Singapore, concurs, emphasizing the lack of clarity and uncertainty ingrained within China’s political system. He suggests that this incident acts as a stark reminder of the arbitrariness inherent in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) system.

On the other hand, some analysts believe that Beijing might eventually disclose the details surrounding Qin’s removal. Dylan Loh, an assistant professor at the Nanyang Technological University, speculates that Beijing will provide an explanation to quell the rampant speculation and rumors surrounding Qin’s disappearance. However, Loh acknowledges that the timing and form of this disclosure would be entirely within Beijing’s control.

Qin’s Mysterious Absence

Qin’s removal follows weeks of speculation after his sudden disappearance in June. The last public sighting of him dates back to June 25, during which he held meetings with diplomats from Russia, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.

During a press briefing on July 11, foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin attributed Qin’s absence from a diplomatic gathering in Indonesia to “health reasons.” While this statement was reported by international outlets, it was conspicuously omitted from the official transcript of the briefing, intensifying the curiosity surrounding Qin’s condition.

Amidst the speculation surrounding his departure, rumors also circulated about an alleged affair between Qin and Fu Xiaotian, a Chinese journalist and presenter. Some even suggested that Qin may have fathered a child with Fu, alluding to a photo she posted on Twitter in April, which featured her son. Fu has not commented publicly on these rumors.

Tensions and Departure

Qin’s sudden ousting occurred against the backdrop of escalating tensions between the United States and China. In February, the U.S. shot down a Chinese surveillance balloon, and in May, a near-miss confrontation between two military planes occurred in the South China Sea. However, it remains unclear if these events have any direct correlation with Qin’s removal.

As the world continues to decipher the enigma behind Qin Gang’s departure, it serves as a stark reminder of the complexity and unpredictability of China’s political landscape. With the Chinese government’s penchant for opacity, the full truth may forever remain elusive, leaving us to wonder about the intricacies behind the scenes.