Connecticut’s Copper Beech Farm estate sells for record-breaking $139 million.

Connecticut's Copper Beech Farm estate sells for record-breaking $139 million.

Connecticut’s Priciest Residential Real Estate Deal

Copper Beech Farm

A Record-Breaking Sale

In a jaw-dropping transaction, a 50-acre estate on a private peninsula in Greenwich, Connecticut, has just sold for a staggering $138.83 million. This sale has broken the previous record for the most expensive residential real estate deal in the state. The estate, known as Copper Beech Farm, was listed in February with an initial price tag of $150 million. It last changed hands in 2014 for $120 million, setting a record as the priciest home sale in the country at the time. However, since then, that national record has been surpassed by financier Ken Griffin’s remarkable purchase of a New York City condo for approximately $240 million in 2019.

The Seller and Buyer

The seller of Copper Beech Farm is The Conservation Institute LLC, a Connecticut company with ties to renowned hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, this transaction represents yet another addition to Dalio’s extensive portfolio. The identities of the buyer and seller have been kept confidential, with Sotheby’s International Realty declining to comment on their involvement.

Luxurious Features and Amenities

Copper Beech Farm is truly a masterpiece of luxury and opulence. Apart from the main house, the property boasts extensive outdoor amenities that are sure to impress any prospective buyer. Additionally, there are two guest structures, which further enhance its hosting capabilities. This estate has consistently remained a symbol of grandeur and timeless elegance, making it a truly exceptional property.

With its private peninsula location, Copper Beech Farm offers unparalleled privacy and breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty. The property showcases a harmonious blend of classic architecture with modern amenities, providing a luxurious and comfortable living space.

A Rich History

Copper Beech Farm has an illustrious history, contributing to its allure and prestige. It originally set the record for the country’s most expensive home sale in 2014, captivating the attention of property enthusiasts across the nation. Its sale price of $120 million was then unmatched, elevating the status of the estate and cementing its prominence in the luxury real estate market.

The Real Estate Market in Connecticut

Connecticut is known for its affluent neighborhoods and luxurious properties, attracting high-profile individuals and celebrities. With its proximity to New York City, a sought-after location among the elite, it comes as no surprise that the state boasts some of the most exclusive residential real estate deals in the country.

The sale of Copper Beech Farm for $138.83 million further emphasizes the enduring appeal and demand for prestigious properties in Connecticut. It not only sets a new record in the state but also reaffirms the strength and resilience of the luxury real estate market.


The sale of Copper Beech Farm in Connecticut has captured attention once again, marking it as the state’s most expensive residential real estate deal. With its rich history, stunning features, and ties to prominent figures in the financial world, this estate stands as a testament to the allure and enduring value of luxury real estate. Its sale price of $138.83 million reinforces Connecticut’s position as a hub for exclusivity and opulence in the real estate market.