Daily Harvest hosted a superhero-themed party while evading inquiries about sick customers

Daily Harvest hosted a superhero-themed party while evading inquiries about sick customers

Daily Harvest Faces Backlash as Customers Fall Ill


At a time when customers claimed Daily Harvest’s food made them ill, the company’s employees were having a wild time at a superhero-themed party. This revelation comes from a recent report, which sheds light on the company’s internal festivities during a challenging period.

Last fall, Daily Harvest organized a two-day retreat, called “Harfest,” for about 100 employees at a campground in Connecticut. The event featured a superhero theme and included activities like a silent disco and s’mores with vegan marshmallows. The highlight of the party was the attire of Daily Harvest’s CEO and founder, Rachel Drori. She showed up in a Green Lantern-inspired costume, complete with a yellow cape and a giant letter G surrounded by recycling arrows on her shirt.

Unfortunately, photos of the festivities made their way to social media, where they were met with backlash from Daily Harvest customers who claimed to have fallen ill after consuming the company’s French Lentil + Leek crumbles. According to Bloomberg, these crumbles sent 130 people to hospitals, with about 40 needing to have their gallbladders removed. One Twitter account, @poisonedbyDH, expressed their disgust at the executives partying while their medical bills piled up.

However, Daily Harvest refuted the allegations, stating that the retreat was meant to foster camaraderie and build collegiality among the team. They emphasize that the company takes its business and customers seriously, rejecting the notion that the company has a cavalier attitude towards its products and their impact on consumers’ health.

Daily Harvest, founded in 2015 by Rachel Drori, gained popularity by offering frozen food options that could be used to make smoothies, soups, and other meals. Social media, particularly Instagram, played a vital role in the company’s growth strategy. According to Bloomberg’s report, Drori focused on making Daily Harvest’s Instagram Stories strategy a priority in 2016. The company partnered with influencers to promote its food, and activities like the guacamole challenge were organized for employees to share on social media.

However, as customers started reporting health issues related to the lentil crumbles, some of the influencers distanced themselves from the startup. This, coupled with declining sales and financial difficulties, led to two rounds of layoffs within the company.

While Daily Harvest faces its fair share of challenges, it is important to recognize that it revolutionized the frozen food industry with its innovative products. The company continues to evolve and learn from its experiences as it navigates the rocky waters of the competitive market. With a dedicated customer base and a commitment to delivering healthy and convenient meal options, Daily Harvest remains optimistic about its future prospects.