Dating app Hinge is hiring a VP of AI with a potential salary of $398,000 per year.

Dating app Hinge is hiring a VP of AI with a potential salary of $398,000 per year.

Hinge’s Quest to Become an AI-First Company

Hinge’s Quest

Dating app Hinge is embarking on a bold mission to become an “AI-First company.” Leading the charge is a new executive position they are seeking to fill – a Vice President of Artificial Intelligence (AI) who could potentially earn up to $398,000 a year. This move comes as dating apps increasingly integrate AI into their platforms, aiming to enhance user experiences and improve matchmaking capabilities.

The position of VP of AI at Hinge is a hybrid, full-time role based in New York. The successful candidate will be responsible for overseeing a team of data scientists and machine learning engineers. Together, they will work towards creating and implementing AI features throughout the app. By collaborating with the engineering, data, and product teams, the VP of AI will lay the foundation for AI at Hinge. This includes optimizing user safety, addressing bad actors and algorithms, refining recommendation engines, and exploring AI-generated interactions.

One key responsibility of the AI executive will be to ensure that Hinge’s AI is developed ethically. This involves giving due consideration to issues like data privacy and algorithmic bias. The VP of AI will work closely with Hinge’s executives, helping define the company’s AI strategy and goals.

To be eligible for this position, candidates should possess a master’s degree or PhD in computer science, AI, data science, or a similar field. Additionally, they should have leadership experience at a product-led tech company. Expertise in cutting-edge AI technologies, such as generative AI tools like ChatGPT, is highly desirable. Moreover, candidates must be adept at effectively communicating their work to non-technical stakeholders.

The listed salary for the VP of AI role at Hinge ranges from $332,000 to $398,000 per year, with the exact figure depending on the candidate’s level of experience, education, and location.

This AI-focused job posting aligns with Match Group’s efforts to integrate AI features into their portfolio of dating apps. Match Group, Hinge’s parent company, is developing tools like AI-enabled photo selection, which helps users curate the best photos for their dating profiles. They are also working on technology that explains why a particular profile is recommended to a user.

In addition to the VP of AI role, Hinge is also searching for a Senior Engineering Manager for its AI platform. This position offers a potential salary of up to $263,000 a year.

Interestingly, some resourceful dating app users have already taken matters into their own hands. They are utilizing AI tools like ChatGPT to generate their profile bios and conversation starters, albeit with mixed results.

As of now, Hinge has not responded to Insider’s request for immediate comment on this matter.

In conclusion, Hinge’s quest to become an “AI-First company” is exemplified by their search for a VP of AI. This strategic move by Hinge, supported by parent company Match Group, demonstrates a commitment to leverage the power of AI to improve the dating experience for users. By integrating AI features, Hinge aims to enhance safety measures, optimize recommendations, and create more engaging interactions. With the right AI executive at the helm, Hinge is positioned to redefine the future of online dating.