Elon Musk bragged about lifting weights, but now he needs an MRI and potential surgery for his neck and back before his cage match with Zuck.

Elon Musk bragged about lifting weights, but now he needs an MRI and potential surgery for his neck and back before his cage match with Zuck.

Elon Musk’s Fight with Mark Zuckerberg Faces Delay Due to Back Issues

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg

Elon Musk’s much-anticipated fight with Mark Zuckerberg is facing yet another delay. Musk recently tweeted that he cannot confirm a date for the fight as he needs to undergo an MRI of his neck and upper back. In fact, there is a possibility that he may even require surgery before the fight can take place. This unfortunate turn of events means that fans will have to wait a little longer before witnessing this epic showdown.

The news of Musk’s back problems came after he got hyped and announced that the fight, whenever it happens, will be live-streamed on Twitter. Musk, always one to bring a touch of humor to his statements, cheekily added that the proceeds from the fight will go to charity for veterans. While the delay is disappointing, the fact that it will benefit a good cause adds a positive spin to the situation.

It seems that Musk is taking this fight seriously and has been training diligently for it. In July, he had a training session with Canadian UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre, podcaster Lex Fridman, and martial artist John Danaher. Musk’s commitment to preparation and fitness is evident from a recent bizarre livestream where he showed off his weightlifting skills. He lifted a dumbbell and jokingly commented, “This is me curling a 45 so there you go.” It was a clever way for him to test out Twitter’s live video feature while casually promoting his own products.

Musk’s neck and back issues are believed to stem from a sumo match he previously participated in. The billionaire shared a photo in March 2022, showing him in a sumo wrestling match where he sustained injuries to his c5-c6 disc, resulting in eight years of chronic back pain. Musk’s determination to fix the issue led him to undergo a c5-c6 disc fusion, finally providing relief from his long-standing discomfort.

Mark Zuckerberg, on the other hand, has been waiting patiently for Musk to confirm a date for the fight. In a post on Meta’s Threads, Zuckerberg mentioned that he originally suggested August 26th as a potential date but has yet to receive confirmation from Musk. Despite the delay, Zuckerberg seems unfazed and is keeping his sense of humor intact.

While it remains unclear when exactly the fight will take place, fans are eagerly anticipating the day when Musk and Zuckerberg step into the ring together. In the meantime, Musk’s focus is on his health, ensuring that he is in top form for the battle ahead. The delay may be disappointing, but it is important to prioritize personal well-being, even in the face of a highly anticipated event.

Representatives for Musk’s company, X, have not commented on the recent developments surrounding the fight. As fans anxiously await further updates, they can take solace in knowing that this delay will only add to the excitement and anticipation. The battle of the tech titans will happen eventually, and when it does, it is sure to be a spectacle that will go down in history.