Elon Musk briefly modified his criticized ‘X’ Twitter logo by slightly thickening the lines, but quickly reverted it.

Elon Musk briefly modified his criticized 'X' Twitter logo by slightly thickening the lines, but quickly reverted it.

Twitter’s logo dilemma: Elon Musk’s rebranding confusion

Twitter’s X logo

Twitter, the popular social media platform, is undergoing a rebranding process. However, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, seems to be having a hard time deciding on the new logo. This unexpected twist has generated a mix of amusement and confusion among Twitter users and the public.

On Saturday, Elon Musk made an announcement that Twitter would be rebranding to X. Along with this announcement, he introduced a new logo for the platform. Interestingly, this logo looks peculiarly similar to a standard Unicode symbol. While this initially made people curious, it also sparked discussions about the originality and creativity of the design.

The logo unveiled on Monday featured the letter X in a unique style. However, some keen-eyed observers noticed its resemblance to a generic Unicode character. Speculation began to circulate that the logo might have been borrowed from the Monotype font “Special Alphabet 4.” However, the executive creative director of Monotype assured that this was not the case. Despite the similarities, the new logo still received attention for its distinctive appearance.

The official Twitter account and the homepage of the platform quickly adopted the new X logo. However, Elon Musk, known for his attention to detail, expressed his dissatisfaction with one aspect of the design. He tweeted, “I don’t like the thicker bars, so reverting. The logo will evolve over time.” This tweet confirmed that the logo was not yet finalized and the design could change in the future.

The ongoing logo changes have caused some frustration among former Twitter employees. Their LinkedIn profiles, which had already adopted the X logo, became a reminder of the rebranding chaos. The appearance of the X logo on their profiles disappointed them. In response to the backlash, Twitter decided to revert their LinkedIn logo back to the original recognizable blue bird.

Meanwhile, at the company’s San Francisco headquarters, the physical signs of the rebranding process were also causing quite a sight. Current staff members were seen dismantling bird icons, one of which broke during the process and remains attached. The sign outside the office now reads only “er” as the removal work had to be halted temporarily due to an investigation into a “possible unpermitted street closure.” Although no crime was found, the removal is yet to be completed.

Interestingly, the X logo has also faced criticism from Twitter users. Several individuals pointed out that the X brand reminds them of a porn website. This complaint is not entirely new, as Elon Musk himself faced a similar situation with his online bank, X.com. When X.com merged with PayPal, Musk intended to keep the name, but focus groups expressed discomfort as it “conjured up visions of a seedy site you would not talk about in polite company.”

As the confusion surrounding the logo continues, Twitter has remained silent on the matter. Insider has reached out to Twitter for comment, but no immediate response has been received. This leaves many curious about the fate of the X logo and what future changes might be in store for Twitter’s visual identity.

In the end, this amusing and somewhat chaotic logo dilemma highlights the challenges companies face when rebranding. It shows that even prominent figures like Elon Musk can have difficulty making definitive design decisions. Whether the X logo will remain or undergo further modifications, only time will tell. Until then, Twitter users and the public can continue to speculate and share their opinions on the ever-evolving visual identity of the platform.