Ford hires former Apple exec Stern for hands-free driving business.

Ford hires former Apple exec Stern for hands-free driving business.

Ford Motor Names Former Apple Executive to Lead Integrated Services Unit

Ford Motor

Ford Motor has appointed former Apple executive Peter Stern as the president of its newly-formed integrated services unit. The move is aimed at strengthening Ford’s focus on connected vehicles and expanding its presence in the hands-free highway driving business.

Stern, who previously oversaw Apple TV+, iCloud, and Apple News+, brings a wealth of experience in hardware, software, and services integration. In his new role, he will concentrate on integrating these aspects across Ford Blue, Model e, and Ford Pro, with a focus on enhancing the overall customer experience.

“The basis for differentiation is shifting from the vehicles alone to the integration of hardware, software, and services,” Stern explained.

This strategic move comes as the auto industry increasingly embraces subscription-based revenue models and navigates the complexities of highly advanced cars and trucks. While self-driving technology remains a topic of debate and skepticism, the implementation of connected vehicles has been steadily gaining traction.

Ford already boasts more than 550,000 paid software and services subscribers, with Ford Pro commercial customers accounting for over 80% of this user base. The aim is to leverage these existing customer relationships and expand Ford’s offerings to provide a comprehensive suite of integrated services.

Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley, expressed excitement about Stern’s appointment and the opportunities it brings to the company. Stern’s expertise in the tech industry will complement Ford’s automotive expertise, creating synergies that can propel Ford’s connected vehicle business to new heights.

As Stern begins his new role, he will work closely with Farley and the executive team to drive innovation and deliver an unmatched customer experience. His insights and leadership will be crucial in aligning Ford’s hardware, software, and services to meet the evolving demands and expectations of today’s tech-savvy consumers.

In conclusion, Ford’s decision to name Peter Stern, a former Apple executive, as the president of its integrated services unit demonstrates the company’s commitment to furthering its presence in the connected vehicle market. By focusing on the integration of hardware, software, and services, Ford aims to differentiate itself and enhance the overall customer experience. With Stern’s expertise and leadership, Ford is well-positioned to navigate the changing landscape of the auto industry and drive innovation in the hands-free highway driving business.