Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld faces backlash for comment on Holocaust victims’ work skills

Fox News' Greg Gutfeld faces backlash for comment on Holocaust victims' work skills

Fox News Faces Backlash Over Comments on Holocaust Survivors’ Work Skills


Fox News is once again under fire after one of its hosts, Greg Gutfeld, made insensitive comments regarding Holocaust survivors and their work skills. Gutfeld suggested on an episode of “The Five” that those who had skills were able to survive in concentration camps during the Holocaust. However, this statement oversimplifies the reality of the horrors endured by the victims.

The controversy surrounding Gutfeld’s remarks stemmed from a defense he made regarding Florida’s new educational guideline, which teaches students that slaves had learned skills that benefited them personally. Gutfeld drew a parallel between the experiences of Holocaust survivors and slaves, insinuating that skills played a crucial role in their survival.

The Auschwitz Memorial, a significant historical site and Holocaust memorial, was quick to respond to Gutfeld’s comments, emphasizing the importance of proper context. While acknowledging that some Jews may have used their skills to increase their chances of survival, the Memorial highlighted that this does not represent the complex history of the genocide perpetrated by Nazi Germany.

Auschwitz, among other concentration camps, served as both a work and extermination camp. Some individuals with skills were registered prisoners and might have used their abilities to gain favor, but this did not guarantee their protection from the ultimate horrors of the gas chambers. Millions of Jews were brutally murdered, regardless of their usefulness or contributions to society.

The White House also condemned Gutfeld’s remarks, stating that Fox News had allowed an obscenity to be aired without proper condemnation. The comments were seen as an insult to the memory of the millions who suffered from the evils of both enslavement and the Holocaust.

During an interview on CNN, Michael Bornstein, a Holocaust survivor, expressed his disgust with Gutfeld’s comments. Bornstein recounted the tragic fate of his father and brother, who possessed skills but were still gassed in Auschwitz. He emphasized that there is no silver lining or room for fake news when discussing the deaths of six million people and the atrocities committed during the Holocaust.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Gutfeld has faced criticism for his comments. He previously downplayed the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and made inappropriate jokes regarding a teacher accused of sexual misconduct with an underage student. These instances further underscore the need for responsible journalism and sensitivity when discussing topics of such grave importance.

Fox News, as an influential media outlet, should take responsibility for ensuring the accuracy and empathy of the content it broadcasts. The Holocaust and the sufferings endured by its victims should not be diminished or distorted to fit into simplified narratives. It is crucial to grasp the complexity and tragedy of such historical events and approach them with the utmost respect and reverence.