Helen Kontozopoulos utilizes A.I. to enhance the pharmaceutical industry.

Helen Kontozopoulos utilizes A.I. to enhance the pharmaceutical industry.

The Journey to Connecting Patients with Therapeutics: Odaia’s Story

A Humbling Personal Experience

Helen Kontozopoulos, founder of Odaia, had a pivotal moment in her life when she witnessed her father’s struggle with gout medication. His persistent itching and discomfort left Helen feeling helpless, as she tried various creams to ease his symptoms. It was only when their doctor suggested a newly-released drug that relief finally came. The positive impact of this medication during her father’s last three years prompted Helen to question the often haphazard nature of connecting patients with the right therapeutics.

A Passionate Call for Change

At the time, Helen was an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto in the computer science department. Her frustration and desire to improve the process of therapeutic delivery led her to create Odaia, an innovative platform powered by artificial intelligence (A.I.). Odaia works closely with pharmaceutical giants like Janssen, Novo Nordisk, and AstraZeneca, providing real-time commercial insights to enhance their sales and marketing efforts. The primary goal? To accelerate the journey of the right medication to the right patients.

Bridging the Information Gap

Helen’s personal experience caring for her father revealed a critical information gap present within the healthcare system. While doctors possess immense knowledge, their understanding of new drugs and clinical trials often remains limited. This point resonated with Helen and became the driving force behind Odaia. The platform empowers sales representatives to approach doctors with comprehensive information about new clinical trials and the potential impact on a patient’s current medications.

Streamlining Pharmaceutical Marketing Efforts

Odaia’s impact doesn’t stop there. Pharmaceutical marketing departments are now leveraging the platform to gain deeper insights into target audiences and refine their drug promotion strategies. What used to take a sales representative five hours a week to plan now takes just 15 minutes with Odaia’s assistance.

Overcoming Hesitancy and Embracing Innovation

Despite Odaia’s compelling features, the biggest challenge the company faces is adoption hesitancy. People tend to associate A.I. technologies with science fiction and become wary of their potential implications. However, Helen highlights the practicality and necessity of utilizing A.I. tools. Without this technology, it would be nearly impossible to analyze and target thousands of doctors effectively or project outcomes with accuracy. Odaia’s value lies in its ability to enhance human decision-making, rather than replace it.

Helen: A Multifaceted Creative Mind

Beyond her achievements as a tech entrepreneur, Helen Kontozopoulos possesses hidden talents and passions. She is an avid artist, skilled in painting and generative art. Fueled by a love for art and fashion, Helen embraces her creativity, influenced by her mother’s profession as a seamstress.

The ANBLE Founders Forum, an exclusive community of entrepreneurs selected by ANBLE’s editorial team, invited Helen Kontozopoulos to participate in the annual Brainstorm Tech conference held in Deer Valley, Utah. This inaugural cohort consisted of entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, sectors, and demographics, chosen based on their companies’ potential for impact.

Through Helen Kontozopoulos’ personal journey and Odaia’s innovative platform, the vision of connecting patients with the right therapeutics comes closer to reality. As technology continues to evolve, Odaia stands at the forefront of bridging the information gap in the pharmaceutical industry and revolutionizing the way drugs are marketed and delivered to those in need.