Hillary Clinton criticizes Ron DeSantis for seeking attention and calls him ‘pathetic’.

Hillary Clinton criticizes Ron DeSantis for seeking attention and calls him 'pathetic'.

Ron DeSantis Faces Criticism From Hillary Clinton and Rachel Maddow

Ron DeSantis


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis finds himself in the crosshairs of former First Lady Hillary Clinton and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. In a recent interview, Clinton expressed her disdain for DeSantis’ suggestion that presidents should have more control over the Department of Justice (DOJ). Maddow and Clinton both criticized DeSantis for what they perceive as an attack on democracy and the rule of law.

The Push for Presidential Control

DeSantis has been vocal about his belief that the DOJ should not operate as an “independent” agency. He argues that Republican leaders should exert more control and oversight over its activities. His comments have drawn sharp criticism from those who see them as a threat to the checks and balances that underpin American democracy.

Clinton’s Condemnation of DeSantis

During her conversation with Maddow, Clinton did not hold back her opinions on DeSantis’ ideology. She described his attempts to grab attention and garner support as “pathetic.” Clinton believes that DeSantis is willing to promise anything to gain political traction, including undermining the independence of the DOJ.

Background on DeSantis’ Remarks

DeSantis’ statements questioning the constitutional legitimacy of an independent DOJ are not new. In a previous interview on the Larry P. Arnn Show, he expressed skepticism about agencies like the DOJ and FBI being considered independent from presidential influence. DeSantis argued that Republican executives should exercise proper oversight and hold these agencies accountable, rather than treating them as independent entities.

Recent Controversies Surrounding DeSantis

DeSantis’ stance on the DOJ’s independence is not the only reason he has come under fire. Just last week, he suspended State Attorney Monique Worrell from her elected position. DeSantis claims that Worrell was too lenient on criminals, but critics argue that his decision was politically motivated.

This is not the first time DeSantis has removed an elected prosecutor from office, further fueling claims that he is using law enforcement as a tool for partisan politics. Maddow pointed out this trend during her discussion with Clinton, highlighting the Republican Party’s apparent willingness to embrace such tactics even without the influence of former President Donald Trump.

Clinton on the Shadow of Trump

When asked about the future of the Republican Party and its approach to democracy and the rule of law, Clinton expressed uncertainty. While she acknowledged the possibility that some Republicans have fully embraced the undermining of democracy, she emphasized the lingering influence of Trump. Clinton believes it is challenging to predict whether Trump’s departure from the political scene or the impending indictments he faces will prompt a return to values and consciousness within the Republican Party.


Ron DeSantis’ suggestion that presidents should have more control over the DOJ has sparked criticism from Hillary Clinton and Rachel Maddow. They view DeSantis’ stance as a threat to democracy and the rule of law. Clinton dismissed his motivations as an attention-seeking tactic, describing them as “pathetic.” DeSantis’ controversial actions, such as suspending elected prosecutors, have further fanned the flames of criticism. As the Republican Party navigates a post-Trump landscape, Clinton speculates on whether the party will rediscover its backbone and commitment to democracy.