Jeff Bezos purchased a $68 million mansion on an island near Miami called ‘Billionaire Bunker’ frequented by the ultra-rich.

Jeff Bezos purchased a $68 million mansion on an island near Miami called 'Billionaire Bunker' frequented by the ultra-rich.

Jeff Bezos Expands His Real Estate Empire: A Peek into the Billionaire’s Miami Purchase

Jeff Bezos’ Miami Estate

In a recent deal that has left jaws dropping, the world’s third-richest person and founder, Jeff Bezos, has made yet another addition to his already impressive real estate portfolio. Bezos has reportedly agreed to pay a staggering $68 million for a 2.8-acre (1.1 hectare) estate on Indian Creek, a man-made barrier island in the larger Miami area. The transaction took place in June, but the buyer’s identity remained undisclosed until now.

The three-bedroom property, built in 1965, was previously owned by MTM Star International, a company associated with Panama. Interestingly, this estate has not changed hands for more than four decades. The last recorded sale of the property occurred in 1982 for a mere $1.4 million—a number that pales in comparison to Bezos’ eye-watering purchase price.

Bezos, who has been exploring other purchases in the area, has set his sights on Indian Creek, which is affectionately known as the “Billionaire Bunker.” This exclusive enclave has been home to several high-profile individuals, including Carl Icahn, Tom Brady, Jared Kushner, and Ivanka Trump. With his penchant for luxury properties, Bezos seems to have found his perfect match on the pristine shores of Indian Creek.

This recent acquisition only adds to Bezos’ extensive collection of residences. Over the years, he has accumulated multiple properties, including a lavish estate in Washington, D.C., a sprawling nine-acre mansion in Beverly Hills (which he acquired for a cool $165 million in 2020), and an idyllic retreat in Maui. Moreover, Bezos owns properties in Manhattan and Seattle, as well as a massive 300,000-acre ranch in Texas, which serves as the launch site for his space exploration company, Blue Origin.

It’s evident that Bezos has not held back when it comes to indulging in life’s finer things. Since stepping down as CEO of Amazon in 2021 and finalizing his divorce from MacKenzie Scott, his spending on ultra-expensive items has skyrocketed. Case in point: the Koru, one of the world’s most luxurious superyachts, which he recently acquired at an estimated cost of $500 million.

The Indian Creek estate spans an impressive 9,300 square feet (864 square meters) and showcases Bezos’ discerning taste. The property, as stated in official records, also boasts a stunning pool, adding to its allure and grandeur. With an estimated net worth of $163 billion according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Bezos is set to become the wealthiest resident of Indian Creek, further solidifying the island’s reputation as a playground for the rich and famous.

It’s worth mentioning that real estate values in Miami, particularly in the high-end market, have been soaring in recent years, with the region becoming a magnet for the world’s wealthiest individuals. Apart from Bezos, other notable billionaires such as Ken Griffin, Dan Loeb, and Josh Harris have flocked to the lush waterfront mansions of Miami Beach, accelerating the area’s prestige and desirability.

For Bezos, this purchase holds a special significance—it is a homecoming of sorts. Having completed his high school education in Miami, thanks to his Cuba-born stepfather securing a job in Florida, the region holds sentimental value for him. Notably, Bezos’ parents also own properties in Coral Gables and Miami Beach, further reinforcing his connection to the area.

It seems that Bezos has also been relishing his time in Miami. In May, he made an appearance at the Miami Grand Prix party and was spotted enjoying the weekend with his now-fiancée, Lauren Sanchez. It appears that Bezos’ newest piece of real estate is not just an investment but also a place to create memories and enjoy the good life.

With Bezos’ ever-expanding real estate empire, it’s safe to say that his taste for luxury knows no bounds. As his portfolio continues to grow, one can only wonder which magnificent property he will set his sights on next. For now, all eyes are on his latest acquisition—a testament to his vast fortunes and his ability to make waves in both the business and real estate worlds.