Linda Yaccarino travels extensively to regain advertisers for Twitter, working alongside Elon Musk who focuses on technology and innovation.

Linda Yaccarino travels extensively to regain advertisers for Twitter, working alongside Elon Musk who focuses on technology and innovation.

The Power of Conversation: X Corp. CEO Linda Yaccarino’s Approach to Advertisers

X Corp CEO


In a recent CNBC interview, X Corp. CEO Linda Yaccarino shed light on her approach to engaging with advertisers and addressing concerns about the platform’s content restrictions. Since taking over as CEO, Yaccarino has been focused on conversing with key brands like Coca Cola, Visa, and State Farm, along with their chief marketing officers and chief executives. This article delves into her efforts to highlight the power of the platform, navigate the challenges faced by advertisers, and strike a balance between free speech and brand safety.

Conversations, Ground Covered, and Economic Potential

Yaccarino revealed that she has been actively engaging with advertisers through direct conversations, often traveling extensively to meet with them in person. Her goal? To remind companies that have paused or reduced their ad spending about the immense potential of the platform and the economic opportunities that lie in partnering with X Corp. once again.

The CEO acknowledged that part of the difficulty in reconnecting with advertisers was due to the company’s significant reduction in staff since Elon Musk’s takeover. While this presented challenges, Yaccarino has been working diligently to reassure advertisers by focusing on brand safety initiatives tailored to their specific needs. This way, their ads will only be placed alongside content that aligns with their brand values.

Balancing Free Speech and User Experience

Addressing concerns about hate speech and toxic content, Yaccarino emphasized that X Corp. is actively balancing Musk’s vision for free speech with techniques aimed at minimizing the visibility of harmful posts. Although the platform does not remove many toxic posts outright, it employs methods designed to make them less likely to surface for the majority of users. This approach aims to strike a delicate balance by enabling lawful but awful content to be viewed by a limited audience.

Defined Roles and Autonomy

Yaccarino expressed her role under Musk’s leadership, clarifying that while he focuses on product design and new technology, she takes charge of running the company as a relay race. Her responsibilities span a wide range, from partnerships and legal matters to sales and finance. In this way, Yaccarino ensures the smooth functioning of X Corp. in all aspects beyond product design.

Eye on Competition: Meta’s Threads

Yaccarino stressed the importance of keeping a close watch on competitors, particularly Meta’s new Twitter competitor, Threads. She acknowledged that, while there was initial hype surrounding Threads, the user engagement has dropped off significantly. However, Yaccarino emphasized the need for vigilance, as competition is constantly evolving and iterating.


Linda Yaccarino’s approach as CEO of X Corp. revolves around cultivating meaningful conversations with advertisers, effectively addressing concerns, and highlighting the economic potential of the platform. True to her defined role, she brings marketability and economic prosperity to X Corp., collaborating with partners for the benefit of the company and its advertising partners. By striking a balance between free speech and brand safety, Yaccarino aims to ensure an engaging and valuable user experience on the platform. As X Corp. continues to evolve, Yaccarino remains vigilant, keeping an eye on the competition and seizing opportunities for growth and innovation.