LVMH, led by Bernard Arnault, will sponsor the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris for $166m, and provide Chaumet medals and Moet Hennessy wine.

LVMH, led by Bernard Arnault, will sponsor the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris for $166m, and provide Chaumet medals and Moet Hennessy wine.

LVMH Invests €150 Million in Olympic and Paralympic Games, Making History as the Biggest Sponsor

Olympic Games

In an unprecedented move, LVMH, the owner of Louis Vuitton, is set to make history as the largest sponsor of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, pouring a staggering €150 million ($166 million) into the sporting events. This commitment surpasses that of any other company, solidifying LVMH’s status as a leading supporter of global competitions.

LVMH Joins the Elite League of Premium Partners

The announcement of LVMH’s participation in the Olympic and Paralympic Games comes after months of speculation surrounding the luxury conglomerate’s involvement in the world’s most prestigious sporting events. LVMH will join the ranks of premium partners such as Orange SA, Air France-KLM, and Carrefour SA, further cementing its position as a key contributor to global sporting initiatives.

While some of LVMH’s brands, including Hublot, have previously been official partners of major competitions such as the FIFA World Cup, this sponsorship marks the conglomerate’s first comprehensive commitment led by Bernard Arnault, the world’s second wealthiest person after Elon Musk. Arnault expressed that the deal would “contribute to heightening the appeal of France around the world,” emphasizing the significance of LVMH’s involvement.

An Exclusive Contribution to the Games

As part of their sponsorship, LVMH’s jewelry brand, Chaumet, will have the prestigious honor of designing the medals for the games, further highlighting the synergy between luxury and sporting excellence. Additionally, guests in hospitality areas will be treated to a selection of exquisite wines and spirits produced by Moet Hennessy, further cementing LVMH’s commitment to delivering a truly exclusive experience to attendees.

The Upcoming Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games

The much-anticipated Summer Olympics will take place next year, commencing on July 26 and running until August 11. While most events will be held in the vibrant city of Paris, some competitions are set to unfold in Marseille and Tahiti, ensuring a diverse and dynamic celebration of sporting talent.

Following the Summer Olympics, the Paralympic Games will take place from August 28 to September 8, providing a platform for disabled athletes to showcase their extraordinary abilities. These events will resonate globally, attracting significant attention and support from various esteemed sponsors and organizations.

Air France’s Strategic Sponsorship

In the spirit of solidarity, other French companies are also racing to secure sponsorship deals for the upcoming games. Air France, for instance, has successfully secured a level-2 sponsorship agreement. Speaking about the deal, Air France-KLM group CEO Ben Smith emphasized the tremendous marketing opportunity it presents for the airline. Smith stated that it allows Air France to showcase their brand and align with the values of France and Paris, all while appealing to new customers and securing increased visibility.

Smith further reiterated that this strategic partnership should not be mistaken for charity. He emphasized that it presents an excellent opportunity for Air France to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to excellence while minimizing any risk of negative return on investment.

With LVMH’s historic investment and the growing support from other French companies, the Olympic and Paralympic Games are poised to become an even more spectacular celebration of courage, unity, and unparalleled achievements. These events will not only showcase the best of sporting talent but also reflect the creativity and innovation deeply embedded in the world of luxury and premium brands.