Meet Brian Vallelunga, CEO of Doppler, an online secret management company.

Meet Brian Vallelunga, CEO of Doppler, an online secret management company.

The Struggle of Secrets Management in the Tech World

Brian Vallelunga
“When I talked to people at Uber, they were really struggling,” says Vallelunga. “They’re very well-funded. They have the means to solve this problem, and they were still struggling. I talked to Airbnb; I talked to individual, hobbyist developers. No matter how much money was thrown at the problem, everyone was struggling.”


In the fast-paced world of technology, secrets management has become a pressing issue for software companies. Managing the access keys, tokens, and passwords that are vital to the security and functioning of applications has become increasingly challenging. This struggle has been observed across big players like Uber and Airbnb, as well as smaller developers. Despite having significant financial resources, they continue to grapple with secrets management.

Brian Vallelunga’s Solution

Out of his determination to find a solution to this problem, Brian Vallelunga quit his day job in 2018 and embarked on his mission to develop a secrets-management platform called Doppler. This platform aims to provide a secure environment for applications by effectively managing secrets across projects and environments. Recognizing the importance of solving this issue, Google Ventures, Sequoia, and Peter Thiel have invested in Doppler, signaling the potential impact of Vallelunga’s solution.

The Growing Complexity of Secrets Management

Vallelunga explains that the complexity of secrets management continues to escalate due to the expanding range of services utilized by software companies. As the number of services used increases, so does the number of secrets that need to be managed. Additionally, the size of engineering teams is also growing, amplifying the risk of accidental leaks. A single password leak could potentially expose sensitive information, such as medical or financial data, jeopardizing the privacy and security of numerous individuals.

Spreading Awareness and Overcoming Challenges

While Doppler has been gaining traction with hundreds of companies signing up daily, Vallelunga acknowledges that scaling awareness is a major obstacle. To address this challenge, the team at Doppler is intensifying their efforts to expand their reach and educate more companies about the benefits of their secrets-management platform.

Another challenge on the horizon is the rise of artificial intelligence (A.I.) in software development. Vallelunga reflects on the potential impact of A.I., noting that in the near future, both human developers and A.I. may be co-writing code. As the engineering community grapples with this evolving landscape, they are keen to understand how A.I. will shape their roles and responsibilities.

Unwinding with Tech-Inspired Art

To relax and express his fascination with technology in a different way, Vallelunga channels his creativity into making art using his iPad. He then prints his artwork onto metal canvases and magnetically attaches them to the walls of his home. This unique approach to showcasing his tech-inspired artwork not only enhances his living space but also serves as a reminder of his passion for both technology and creativity. Vallelunga aspires to share his artwork with a wider audience in the future, possibly through art exhibits.


Brian Vallelunga’s relentless pursuit of a solution to the secrets management problem has led to the creation of Doppler, a platform that aims to provide secure secrets management for software applications. With increasing complexity and potential risks in the tech world, such a solution is crucial to protect the privacy and security of individuals and companies alike. As Doppler continues to attract attention and investments, Vallelunga and his team are committed to raising awareness and addressing the challenges that lie ahead, including the implications of A.I. in software development.