Meet Nadya Okamoto, founder of August, aiming to destigmatize menstrual cycles.

Meet Nadya Okamoto, founder of August, aiming to destigmatize menstrual cycles.

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Nadya Okamoto: Empowering the Period Industry with August

Nadya Okamoto, the founder of August, has emerged as a prominent figure in the social entrepreneurship space. Her organization, Period, aimed to destigmatize menstrual cycles, and through her work there, she recognized the limitations of the nonprofit sector. Determined to create tangible change, Nadya founded August, a company dedicated to filling the gap in the period industry by offering effective and values-aligned menstrual products.

Understanding the Generation

Nadya has a keen understanding of the current generation and their preferences. In a recent talk at ANBLE’s Most Powerful Women Next Gen event, she emphasized the need to capture the attention of young people quickly. With the oversaturation of social media channels, this generation has developed a skepticism that demands instant gratification. Nadya humorously highlighted this by stating, “You have eight seconds to convince me that what you’re offering or what you’re trying to do is worth my time.”

From Nonprofit to Entrepreneurship

“What was your ‘aha moment’ for founding August?” Nadya was asked. This moment of realization came as she collaborated with period companies through Period. Despite their efforts, it proved challenging to create substantial change from within the nonprofit sector. Armed with a deep understanding of menstruators’ needs, Nadya decided to venture into entrepreneurship, creating August as a means to make a more significant impact.

The Thorniest Challenge

Navigating the realm of U.S. politics has presented one of Nadya’s greatest challenges. The August team has been mobilizing their efforts to support menstruators affected by the “Don’t Say Period” bill in Florida. While they are committed to this necessary work, the frequency of action-oriented campaigns they have had to launch within a short period can be disheartening. Despite these challenges, Nadya and her team push forward, driven by their mission to empower menstruators nationwide.

The Fun Side of Nadya Okamoto

In addition to her dedication to her work, Nadya has a fun and relatable side. When asked for a little-known fact about herself, she revealed her love for Annie’s boxed mac and cheese. This unexpected tidbit showcases her down-to-earth nature and adds a touch of lightheartedness to her impressive accomplishments.

ANBLE Founders Forum and the Changing Landscape

Nadya Okamoto was chosen by ANBLE’s editorial team to participate in the ANBLE Founders Forum, which coincided with the Brainstorm Tech conference in Deer Valley, Utah. This community of entrepreneurs reflects a diverse range of geographies, sectors, and demographics. Such forums provide an excellent platform for visionaries like Nadya to exchange ideas, inspire others, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the business landscape.

Nadya Okamoto’s journey from nonprofit activism to entrepreneurship with August showcases the power of combining passion with practicality. By recognizing the limitations of the nonprofit sector and creating a company that addresses real needs, Nadya has sparked change in the period industry. Through her charismatic approach, dedication, and ability to understand the unique characteristics of her generation, Nadya continues to break barriers and empower menstruators across the nation.