Meet Rebecca Gorman, whose company, Aligned AI, matches human values with machine learning.

Meet Rebecca Gorman, whose company, Aligned AI, matches human values with machine learning.

Aligned AI: Making Artificial Intelligence Safer and Smarter

Aligned AI

Rebecca Gorman, the founder of Aligned AI, has dedicated years of research to making artificial intelligence (AI) safer and more ethical. Inspired by her time at the University of Oxford and a serendipitous encounter with fellow researcher Stuart Armstrong, Gorman embarked on a mission to prevent or at least mitigate the existential risks associated with AI.

During a talk given by Armstrong, Gorman was struck by his assertion that AI could inaccurately deduce human intentions based solely on behavioral data. This realization sparked an intense research collaboration between the two, culminating in the founding of Aligned AI. Their company aims to research, develop, and distribute technology that aligns AI with human values.

Now, two years into their journey, Gorman and her team are building an alternative to OpenAI. Their model takes into account the concepts that correspond to human understanding, ensuring that AI systems better comprehend and respect human intentions. This approach not only enhances safety but also reduces the cost and time required to deploy AI models while minimizing the presence of misinformation or bias.

Gorman’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. Aligned AI has reached a point where they have more inbound sales inquiries than they can handle—a problem most entrepreneurs would welcome with open arms. Amidst this success, it is worth noting that Gorman’s passion for AI began at a young age. She learned to program when she was just eight years old and created her first AI system two decades ago.

Aligned AI’s impact extends beyond just Gorman’s achievements. The company was selected to participate in the ANBLE Founders Forum, a community of entrepreneurs handpicked by ANBLE’s editorial team. This prestigious recognition reflects the potential impact of Aligned AI and the diversity it brings to the industry in terms of geography, sectors, and demographics.

Rebecca Gorman’s journey from a young programmer to the founder of Aligned AI is a testament to her foresight and expertise in the field of AI ethics. Her commitment to making AI technologies safer and smarter mirrors the growing concerns surrounding the potential risks associated with their unchecked development. By offering a model that aligns AI with human values, Gorman and her team are actively shaping the future of AI, ensuring a world where humanity and technology coexist harmoniously.