Mike Pence mocked online for campaign video of him pretending to pump gas for a minute into his pickup truck.

Mike Pence mocked online for campaign video of him pretending to pump gas for a minute into his pickup truck.

Mike Pence Pumping Gas

Mike Pence’s Gas Pumping Mishap Sparks Online Mockery

Former Vice President Mike Pence recently found himself at the center of online mockery after a campaign video emerged of him pretending to pump gas into his pickup truck while criticizing President Joe Biden. Although the clip was intended to highlight Pence’s stance on energy prices, it quickly caught attention for all the wrong reasons.

In the minute-long video, Pence is seen grabbing a gas pump nozzle and begins speaking to the camera. “Hey, everybody, Mike Pence here,” he starts off. The campaign clip, posted on X (formerly known as Twitter), has since garnered over 3.2 million views.

Pence reminisces about the days of “$2 a gallon gas” and shifts the blame onto President Biden for the surging energy prices. As he slots the nozzle into the fuel inlet of his red pickup truck, Pence talks about his plan to lower consumer costs and reclaim America’s position as the leading producer of energy by 2040.

Throughout the ad, however, Pence fails to actually squeeze the pump handle, a detail that did not go unnoticed by viewers who took to social media to comment on the video. Many highlighted the fact that Pence neither paid for his gas nor selected the type of fuel he wanted. Additionally, some pointed out that the gas cover of his truck was already open, creating a peculiar inconsistency.

Online commentators wasted no time in making light of the situation. “You do know you have to actually squeeze the handle, right Mike?” one person wrote, finding humor in Pence’s faux pas. Another user drew a parallel to Mehmet Oz’s Senate campaign gaffe, saying, “This has a ‘crudité’ moment beeping all over it,” referencing Oz’s incorrect identification of a grocery store while filming a campaign video.

The absence of the customary selection of fuel grade at the pump also garnered attention. “What gas station doesn’t ask you to choose the grade of gas you were buying?” questioned another commenter. They went on to mention the absence of a credit card or cash payment, predicting that Pence’s small cult-like following would find ways to defend his actions.

It’s worth noting that Pence is currently vying for the GOP nomination against his former boss, former President Donald Trump. As of June, he polled at around 5%, slightly ahead of Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy, according to FiveThirtyEight.

Despite the online backlash, Pence’s campaign has yet to respond to the incident. As social media users continue to make light of his gas pumping mishap, it serves as a reminder that even the most meticulously planned campaign videos can sometimes go awry.