Nate Silver, once a blogger, is now an ex-media mogul with layoffs and thoughts.

Nate Silver, once a blogger, is now an ex-media mogul with layoffs and thoughts.

From Data Wizardry to Corporate Challenges: Nate Silver’s Departure from FiveThirtyEight


In the vast realm of data-driven journalism, Nate Silver emerged as a digital oracle, wielding his predictive powers to forecast elections and analyze a wide range of topics from politics to sports. Silver’s journey began with an anonymous blog on Daily Kos, where his political prognostications gained recognition and earned him the reputation of a “witch,” according to Bill Simmons, the founder of The Ringer. In 2008, he founded, a data-driven news site covering politics, economics, and sports.

Silver’s first major commercial deal came when he licensed FiveThirtyEight to the New York Times’ Upshot section from 2010 to 2013. Eventually, Disney’s ESPN acquired the brand and website, entwining it within their media empire. However, the subsequent reshuffling of ESPN’s digital strategy led to the transfer of FiveThirtyEight to ABC News in 2018. Amidst these transitions, Silver announced his departure from FiveThirtyEight in April, marking the end of an era for the digital pioneer.

The impact of Disney’s massive layoffs on FiveThirtyEight became evident as Silver shared the staggering news that roughly two-thirds of the staff had been let go. This unfortunate turn of events prompted Silver to reflect on his experiences and offer advice to other founders facing similar challenges. One key lesson he emphasized was the importance of not placing blind trust in corporate parents for sustaining the business model. Essentially, founders must be wary when being acquired for “strategic” reasons without a concrete plan for profitability.

Silver candidly acknowledged that his departure was bittersweet, having spent nearly a decade as part of the Disney family. However, he recognized the need to move on and explore new opportunities. Beyond his departure, he expressed admiration and appreciation for ESPN/Disney, acknowledging that he knew what he was getting into when joining forces with them.

Currently, Silver is working on a book about gambling and risk for Penguin Press, delving into a wide range of topics spanning from poker and sports to artificial intelligence and venture capital. This venture represents a new chapter in his career, while also leaving room for the possibility of starting another media venture in the future, albeit with a broader focus beyond politics.

Silver’s journey provides valuable insights into the challenges that founders can face when navigating the corporate landscape. It serves as a reminder that founders must take an active role in shaping their company’s success and financial viability, as their corporate parents may not always have the same level of commitment.

This departure from FiveThirtyEight bears resemblance to the history of another tech giant, Apple. Steve Jobs, the iconic founder, himself experienced being ousted from the company he co-founded. In his absence, Apple lost direction and struggled to compete. However, upon Jobs’ return after Apple acquired his new venture, the company experienced a remarkable resurgence and reached a staggering valuation of $3 trillion.

While Silver’s path may not lead him back to Disney anytime soon, his departure signifies the beginning of a new chapter filled with potential. He has learned from his past experiences and will apply that knowledge going forward. The optimistic and humorous tone he exudes throughout his reflections resonates with his readers, offering inspiration and valuable lessons for other founders facing uncertain trajectories.

Disclaimer: Nate Silver did not respond to ANBLE’s request for comment.

Article Summary and Highlights

  • Nate Silver’s departure from FiveThirtyEight marks the end of an era for the renowned data-driven news site.
  • The transition from the New York Times to Disney’s ESPN to ABC News showcased the challenges of sustaining a site focused on data analysis.
  • Massive layoffs at Disney severely impacted the FiveThirtyEight staff, leading to the reflection on the importance of founder-driven business models.
  • Silver advised other founders to be wary of being acquired without a concrete plan for profitability from their corporate parents.
  • Despite the challenges, Silver expressed appreciation for ESPN/Disney and his time with them.
  • Silver is currently working on a book about gambling and risk, exploring various topics outside the realm of politics.
  • His departure from FiveThirtyEight serves as a reminder that founders must actively shape their company’s path to success.
  • The departure draws parallels to the experiences of Steve Jobs at Apple, highlighting the potential for future success after a setback.