NDB not considering new projects in Russia.

NDB not considering new projects in Russia.

The New Development Bank (NDB) Holds Firm, Confidently Operating Within Market Restrictions in Russia



In a recent statement, Dilma Rousseff, former president of Brazil and current head of the New Development Bank (NDB), dismissed speculations regarding the bank’s plans for new projects in Russia. With strict adherence to financial and capital market restrictions, the NDB intends to maintain its focus on existing operations within Russia.

NDB and Market Restrictions

The NDB, established by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (collectively known as BRICS), operates in accordance with the regulations and limitations imposed by financial and capital markets. This adherence ensures stability and compliance at a time when global financial institutions are facing increasing scrutiny. Dilma Rousseff’s statement on the messaging platform X (formerly known as Twitter) serves to quell unjustified rumors surrounding the NDB’s activities in Russia.

Bilateral Meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin

While attending the Russia-Africa summit in St. Petersburg, Rousseff announced her scheduled bilateral meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The purpose of the meeting, she clarified, was to discuss the role of the NDB in the upcoming BRICS Summit, which will be held in an African country next month. Although Putin will not be attending the summit, he remains an influential figure in the BRICS alliance.

Expansion of the Bank and Meeting Cyril Ramaphosa

During her visit to Russia, Rousseff is also set to meet with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. In these discussions, she hopes to explore opportunities for expanding the NDB. In recent years, the bank has admitted new members such as the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, and Egypt. These engagements reflect the NDB’s ongoing commitment to fostering collaborative relationships and expanding its reach across continents.

The Journey of the NDB

Launched in 2015 and headquartered in Shanghai, the NDB is an embodiment of the collective strength and vision of the BRICS nations. With Rousseff assuming its leadership earlier this year, the bank has been strategically positioned to galvanize economic growth and development within its member countries. The NDB represents a powerful force, uniting emerging economies by providing financial assistance and implementing project-based initiatives.


As the NDB remains committed to operating within the boundaries of financial and capital market restrictions, it continues its mission of fostering economic growth and development in collaboration with its BRICS partners. Dilma Rousseff’s statements provide clarity and assurance amidst rumors, reinforcing the NDB’s unwavering commitment to its current operations within Russia.