Russian tech billionaire expresses horror over Putin’s ‘barbaric’ war in Ukraine.

Russian tech billionaire expresses horror over Putin's 'barbaric' war in Ukraine.

Yandex Co-Founder Condemns Russian Invasion of Ukraine: A Bold Stand Against War

Yandex Co-Founder

In a surprising turn of events, Arkady Volozh, the billionaire co-founder of Russia’s largest internet company, Yandex, has broken his months-long silence on the war in Ukraine. Volozh, now living in exile in Israel, has issued a statement forcefully condemning his home country’s 2022 full-scale invasion, going against the grain of public opinion among the Russian elite. This is a significant development, as few Russians of Volozh’s economic status have openly and unequivocally come out against Russian President Vladimir Putin and his decision to invade and occupy Ukraine.

Volozh played a pivotal role in launching Yandex back in 1997 and served as the firm’s executive director until June 2022. However, he resigned after the European Union imposed sanctions on him, accusing Yandex of promoting Russian state narratives in its search results. Despite the fallout, Volozh maintained his silence on the Ukraine war until now.

In a statement released on Thursday, Volozh expressed horror at Russia’s actions and the suffering of the Ukrainian people. “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is barbaric, and I am categorically against it,” he declared. Volozh’s condemnation highlights the gravity of the situation and the need for global awareness and support for the Ukrainian people, who suffer daily from the bombings and destruction.

It is worth noting that Volozh is not the only billionaire tech entrepreneur to have left Russia and publicly expressed concern about the conflict. Pavel Durov, another Russian tech mogul and CEO of Telegram, has been vocal about protecting Ukrainian users’ privacy but has stopped short of openly condemning the war effort. However, Volozh’s bold stance sets a precedent, urging others to take responsibility for Russia’s actions and speak out against the war.

When asked about the timing of his statement, Volozh acknowledged that it may raise questions. However, he emphasized that there should be no doubt about his stance: “I am against the war.” His decision to speak out now suggests that he has weighed the consequences and recognizes the urgency and importance of his message. It takes courage to go against the prevailing narrative, especially for someone of Volozh’s stature and background.

This unexpected move by Volozh not only highlights the dynamic nature of the tech industry but also underscores the power of personal conviction in shaping public opinion. It serves as a reminder that individuals, regardless of their status or background, have the ability to influence and make a difference.

As the world watches the escalating conflict in Ukraine, Volozh’s condemnation of Russia’s actions adds a significant voice to the chorus of those calling for an end to the violence. It serves as a reminder that the consequences of war are not limited to the battleground but extend to the global community. Volozh’s bold stance encourages others to consider the human cost of conflict and to stand up against injustice and violence.

This momentous declaration by Arkady Volozh serves as a rallying cry for those who oppose war and believe in the power of unity and compassion. Let it be a catalyst for change, propelling us closer to a world where conflicts are resolved through dialogue and understanding rather than through violence and destruction.