Snoop Dogg releases exclusive ice cream line at Walmart.

Snoop Dogg releases exclusive ice cream line at Walmart.

Snoop Dogg Launches Dr. Bombay Ice Cream Line Exclusive to Walmart

Snoop Dogg

World-renowned rapper, actor, crypto enthusiast, metaverse advocate, author, and record label owner, Snoop Dogg, is once again expanding his empire, this time into the realm of ice cream. In collaboration with Happi Co., the makers of the popular Happi Foodi brand of frozen foods, Snoop Dogg has created a new line of ice cream called Dr. Bombay Ice Cream. The highly anticipated ice cream range was launched exclusively at 3,500 Walmart stores nationwide on Monday.

A Sweet Symphony of Flavors

Dr. Bombay Ice Cream is set to tantalize taste buds with a selection of seven delicious flavors that are sure to bring joy to ice cream enthusiasts everywhere. The initial lineup includes Bonus Track Brownie, Cocoa Cream Cookie Dream, Iced Out Orange Cream, Rollin’ in the Dough, S’more Vibes, Syrupy Waffle Sundaze, and Tropical Sherbet Swizzle. Although the name “Dr. Bombay” is derived from Snoop’s Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, it is important to note that the ice cream does not contain any cannabis.

Enjoying Life, One Scoop at a Time

For Snoop Dogg, ice cream is more than just a snack; it’s a pathway to relaxation, happiness, and peace of mind. In a statement, the iconic artist, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, expressed his intention for Dr. Bombay Ice Cream to bring smiles to people’s faces and ease their minds. With his usual charisma and flair, Snoop Dogg is determined to create an ice cream experience that goes beyond taste, becoming a symbol of happiness and relaxation for all who indulge.

Snoop Dogg’s Love for the Culinary World

Snoop Dogg’s interest in the food market has been steadily growing over the years, particularly since his close friendship with iconic TV personality Martha Stewart. The duo co-hosted an Emmy Award-nominated cooking and dinner party program on VH1, which ran for three successful seasons from 2016. Their culinary journey began in 2008 when Snoop Dogg joined Stewart on her cooking show, The Martha Stewart Show, to prepare mashed potatoes. The following year, he returned to make brownies, marking the beginning of a charming friendship and a shared passion for all things culinary.

Inspired by his experiences with Martha Stewart and his desire to bring unique food products to the market, Snoop Dogg has launched a variety of food ventures over the years. In August of last year, he introduced Snoop Loopz, a gluten-free breakfast cereal that promised “more corn, more flavor, and more marshmallows.” Eventually rebranded as Snoop Cereal, the popular breakfast treat is now available at both Walmart and Target.

Not content with just conquering the cereal aisle, Snoop Dogg also revealed his plans to launch INDOxyz, a new coffee brand, in March of this year. Combining his passion for coffee and desire to create exceptional products, Snoop Dogg aims to introduce a unique coffee experience to coffee lovers around the world.

Additionally, Snoop Dogg has established himself in the world of wines, collaborating with 19 Crimes for several years. The partnership resulted in the introduction of a red blend, a rose, and a sparkling wine that have been enjoyed by wine enthusiasts globally.

Furthermore, Snoop Dogg showcased his culinary expertise through the release of his 2018 cookbook, “From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg’s Kitchen.” The book continues to be a bestseller in the Soul Food Cooking, Food, and Wine category on Amazon.

Snoop Dogg: A Multifaceted Icon

Snoop Dogg’s foray into the ice cream industry with Dr. Bombay Ice Cream underscores his passion for exploring new horizons within the culinary world. Always bringing his charisma, humor, and unique brand of creativity to each venture, Snoop Dogg continues to solidify his status as an influential figure not only in the music industry but also across various realms of popular culture.

As ice cream lovers flock to Walmart stores to experience the magic of Dr. Bombay Ice Cream, Snoop Dogg’s latest creation is poised to become a delightful treat that brings people together, evoking feelings of joy and contentment with every spoonful. So grab a tub, kick back, and let the smooth and creamy flavors of Dr. Bombay Ice Cream transport you to a place of sweet bliss.