There’s an AI app that allows users to chat with Jesus for $2.99/month, and Satan can be unlocked as well.

There's an AI app that allows users to chat with Jesus for $2.99/month, and Satan can be unlocked as well.

App Allows Users to Chat with Jesus and Other Biblical Figures

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A new app called Text With Jesus is providing users with the opportunity to engage in enlightening conversations with biblical figures. Powered by ChatGPT, this innovative application allows individuals to embark on a spiritual journey and find comfort, guidance, and inspiration through their chats. While Jesus, Mary, and Joseph are available for free, a monthly $2.99 subscription grants users access to other biblical characters, including some of Jesus’s disciples and Old Testament figures like Adam and Eve. The subscription also includes the option to chat with Satan, intriguingly enough.

The brainchild behind this app is Stéphane Peter, the president of Catloaf Software, a Los Angeles-based software development company. Peter has previously developed similar apps where users can interact with major historical figures such as the Founding Fathers and Oscar Wilde. With Text With Jesus, he sought to create an engaging platform where people can engage in conversations with the Holy Family and gain insights from their perspectives.

The layout of the app is simple and user-friendly. Users can click on any of the “Holy Family” figures and immediately receive a friendly greeting from AI Jesus, offering guidance and love. With the help of artificial intelligence and character-based responses, the app simulates conversations with these biblical personalities. By stirring the AI and instructing it to respond as Jesus or other biblical figures, the app creates a unique and immersive user experience.

However, while the app offers valuable insights, it treads lightly around politically sensitive issues. When questioned about homosexuality, AI Jesus diplomatically acknowledges that interpretations of biblical passages on same-sex relationships may vary among individuals and religious traditions. He refrains from condemning or condoning individuals based on their sexual orientation, emphasizing love and acceptance.

Surprisingly, even AI Satan demonstrates unexpected behavior. In response to the same question on homosexuality, AI Satan provides Bible verses that mention the sinfulness of homosexual acts. However, he also highlights the importance of love, kindness, and respect towards others. AI Satan even cautions users against joining any political party with the intention of promoting evil, reaffirming the biblical values of righteousness and justice.

AI Mary, on the other hand, expresses her views with more certainty. When asked about her stance on abortion, AI Mary emphasizes cherishing and protecting the gift of life from conception until natural death. According to her, abortion contradicts the biblical principles of valuing life and encourages compassion, support, and alternatives such as adoption for those facing difficult circumstances during pregnancy.

To ensure a balanced approach to the content generated by the app, Peter made updates based on user feedback. The bots now speak more like regular people and prioritize biblical references. Although he did not consult theological advisers during the development process, he invited church leaders to test the app, ensuring a wider range of perspectives.

Text With Jesus is not the only app of its kind. Berlin-based tech collective, The Singularity Group, developed “ask_jesus,” hosting a livestream on Twitch for users to ask Jesus questions. The stream gained over 35,000 followers, showing the interest in these interactive experiences. Similarly, Microsoft’s Bing AI Chatbot enabled users to communicate with famous figures, including Megan Thee Stallion and Gollum from “The Lord of the Rings.” However, it is essential to maintain a balance when creating these chat apps to ensure they stay within the intended scope and purpose.

Overall, Text With Jesus provides an intriguing platform for users to connect with biblical figures, seek guidance, and explore their faith. With its innovative use of artificial intelligence, the app enables conversations that promote understanding, empathy, and personal growth. While it is not a substitute for traditional modes of spiritual guidance, it offers a unique and engaging experience that may resonate with many individuals on their spiritual journey.