Threads is introducing new features, including one that allows users to view their likes, in an effort to combat a significant decline in user activity.

Threads is introducing new features, including one that allows users to view their likes, in an effort to combat a significant decline in user activity.


Threads Introduces New Features to Revive User Engagement

In an effort to win back users and revive growth, Threads, the Twitter clone owned by Meta, is rolling out some exciting new features. The platform now offers additional functionality, such as the ability to view liked posts and organize follower lists.

A Rapid Rise Followed by a Slump

Threads witnessed unparalleled success in its early days, becoming one of the fastest-growing apps in history, with a staggering 100 million sign-ups within days of its launch. However, despite this promising start, the platform soon encountered a stumbling block – it struggled to retain its user base and failed to entice users to return regularly. According to CNN, Threads has already lost approximately 80% of its daily active users, based on data from SimilarWeb and Sensor Tower.

Meta’s Countermeasures

Recognizing the importance of improving user retention, Meta has implemented several new features to address this challenge. The latest update now allows users to view the posts they have liked, a functionality reminiscent of Twitter. This feature, initially tested on Android devices, is now available to all users who update the app.

In addition to this, Threads now enables users to upload high-quality images and videos, enhancing the overall visual experience. Furthermore, the platform offers the option to sort follower lists based on the latest or earliest additions. These improvements aim to make the app more engaging and enjoyable for users.

Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, expressed his commitment to further enhancing the Threads experience. He recently announced that a search function and web version of the platform will be available in the coming weeks. These additions will provide users with more ways to connect and share content, potentially revitalizing engagement on the platform.

Meta’s Positive Outlook

Although the decline in active users may seem concerning, Meta’s leadership remains optimistic. Zuckerberg regards the decrease as a normal part of the app’s growth cycle, projecting that as Threads continues to evolve and introduce more features, user retention will naturally improve. According to reports from ANBLE, the chief product officer, Chris Cox, is actively working on “retention-driving hooks” to boost daily user rates, indicating Meta’s unwavering commitment to overcome this setback.

Future Prospects

As Threads introduces these new features, Meta aims to create a more compelling and sticky user experience. By incorporating Twitter-like features and addressing user suggestions, the platform has the potential to rekindle user engagement. The upcoming search function and web version are likely to bring even more opportunities for connection and content discovery.

It remains to be seen whether these updates will effectively reverse the user slump and propel Threads back into the realm of rapid growth. However, with Meta’s determination and investment in improving the platform, Threads may regain its place as a popular social media app in the near future.

Note: Representatives for Meta did not respond to Insider’s request for comment at the time of writing.