TikTok influencer reveals high monthly earnings, believes pay transparency is authentic.

TikTok influencer reveals high monthly earnings, believes pay transparency is authentic.

TikToker Victoria Paris: The Success and Transparency of an Influencer

TikToker Victoria Paris

In an era where anyone can aspire to be a professional influencer, TikToker Victoria Paris is sharing her journey to success and being transparent about her earnings. Over the past two-and-a-half years, Paris has been posting content on TikTok, gradually amassing a following of nearly 2 million followers. In 2021 alone, she made just over $40,000 from the Creator Fund and is now part of TikTok’s Creativity Program Beta.

Paris’s story began during the Covid-19 pandemic when she started posting TikTok videos out of boredom in her New York City apartment. Prior to becoming a full-time influencer, she worked various jobs, including personal trainer, nanny, and finance startup employee. Throughout her different positions, pay transparency was always important to her. Paris expressed frustrations with the recurring experience of being undervalued and underpaid by employers.

As TikTok introduces its Creativity Program Beta (CPB), Paris is openly sharing her monthly earnings with her followers. This initiative aims to give users a glimpse into what creators with a substantial following can earn from their videos. “‘Everybody wants you to do a job, but they don’t want to pay you what you’re worth,’ Paris said, reflecting on her past experiences.”

Learning from her fellow influencers has been crucial to Paris’s growth as a content creator. She admits that everything she knows has been gleaned from her peers. Paris acknowledges the importance of being open and honest, especially as a queer white woman with creator friends who are queer people of color. She recognizes that women are often not taken seriously in business settings and acknowledges her privilege as a white person when it comes to opportunities.

Paris started earning money through brand partnerships early in her career, with companies like Nike and Lancôme. These brand deals remain her primary source of income. As part of these agreements, Paris creates content featuring herself for paid posts across her social media accounts. For instance, an ad for Nike featured on both Paris’ Instagram and the brand’s official account encouraged users to “tap to shop my head-to-toe Nike Running gear.”

However, Paris understands that revealing her earnings, sometimes exceeding $10,000 a month from TikTok alone, may jeopardize her relatability as an influencer. “It’s extremely unrelatable to be making an obscene amount of money,” she admits. “There’s a fine line between transparency and coming across as unrelatable.”

To give her followers a better understanding of her earnings, Paris shared screenshots of her 30-day earnings from TikTok. These screenshots were part of the new program that incentivizes videos over 60 seconds long. According to her monthly TikTok statements leading up to August 5, Paris earned a total of $13,105.91. Insider has verified these screenshots.

With the introduction of TikTok’s CPB, Paris anticipates earning an additional $100,000 a year, on top of her monthly brand deal earnings. Consequently, she has adjusted her content strategy to focus on longer videos, around three minutes in length, instead of the shorter videos she was previously known for.

Despite her increased earnings, Paris has received continued praise from her followers for her relatability. Staying true to herself has been a winning formula thus far. “Authenticity resonates with everybody,” she asserts. “When I’ve tried to sit down and perform, those videos don’t do well.”

In conclusion, Victoria Paris represents the success and transparency of a new generation of influencers. By sharing her monthly earnings and being candid about her experiences, she provides valuable insights into the world of content creation. Paris’s story serves as a reminder that authenticity and relatability can be key ingredients to building a devoted online following.