Top lawyer overseeing Fox News and Dominion settlement steps down with $23 million exit package.

Top lawyer overseeing Fox News and Dominion settlement steps down with $23 million exit package.

Fox’s Top Lawyer Steps Down with $23 Million Exit Package

Fox’s top lawyer

One of Fox’s most prominent lawyers, Viet Dinh, is stepping down from his influential role at the company. As the chief legal and policy officer, Dinh played a key role in the recently settled Dominion lawsuit. Despite his departure, he will continue to contribute to Fox Corp as a special advisor. However, what has caught the attention of many is the substantial $23 million exit package Dinh will receive when he leaves later this year.

Dinh, a Republican “pitbull” lawyer, gained prominence in 2001 when he authored the Patriot Act as Assistant Attorney General during the George Bush administration. Fox hired him in 2018, and he quickly became a valuable asset, especially during the sale of the company’s movie studio, 21st Century Fox, to Disney for a staggering $71 billion.

Throughout his tenure at Fox, Dinh developed a close personal relationship with the Murdoch family, particularly with CEO Lachlan Murdoch, who named him the godfather of one of his sons. His significant influence and legal expertise made Dinh an indispensable member of Fox’s leadership team.

However, what cemented Dinh’s legacy at Fox was his pivotal role in the Dominion lawsuit. Following the 2020 presidential elections, Dominion Voting Systems sued Fox for a staggering $1.6 billion. The lawsuit stemmed from doubts raised by Fox News regarding the integrity of Dominion’s voting machines. The outcome of this case could have had far-reaching consequences for both Fox and the future of free speech in media.

Ultimately, Dinh helped negotiate a settlement with Dominion, resulting in a payment of $787.5 million in April. This settlement, widely regarded as the largest publicly documented figure for a defamation suit, was reached just days before the trial was set to begin. Murdoch, under the guidance of Dinh, expressed confidence in the strong free speech argument that Fox had in their favor, had the case gone to trial.

The news of Dinh’s departure, coupled with the generous exit package, has raised many eyebrows in the media industry. Speculation and theories surround the reasons behind his decision to step down. Some suggest it may be a strategic move to distance himself from the fallout of the Dominion lawsuit, while others believe that this is simply a new chapter unfolding in Dinh’s accomplished legal career.

Lachlan Murdoch expressed appreciation for Dinh’s contributions to Fox over the years, recognizing him as both a valued member of the leadership team and a board member of 21st Century Fox. With Dinh transitioning into a special advisory role, it will be interesting to see how his influence continues to shape Fox’s legal and policy strategies in the future.

In conclusion, Viet Dinh’s departure from his role as chief legal and policy officer at Fox Corp marks the end of an era. With a storied career that includes his instrumental role in the Dominion lawsuit, Dinh leaves behind a significant impact on the company. As Fox navigates the ever-evolving media landscape, the legacy of Dinh’s legal expertise and strategic contributions will continue to shape the company’s future endeavors.