Ukraine attacked 2 bridges with Storm Shadow missiles and received more from France.

Ukraine attacked 2 bridges with Storm Shadow missiles and received more from France.

Ukraine Strikes Crimean Bridges with French-Supplied Missiles

Ukraine Missile Strike

Ukraine made headlines recently when it successfully struck two bridges in the Crimean peninsula using Storm Shadow missiles. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense released images confirming the arrival of SCALP-EG missiles, which are the French version of the Storm Shadow. These missiles are a powerful and valuable addition to Ukraine’s military arsenal.

France had announced in early July that it would supply an undisclosed number of SCALP-EG missiles to Ukraine. This move was met with criticism from the Kremlin, with Dmitry Peskov, the chief Kremlin spokesperson, warning of unspecified “consequences.” This clearly demonstrates the strategic significance attached to these missile systems.

The Importance of Storm Shadow Missiles

The Storm Shadow missiles, which the UK also supplied to Ukraine earlier this year, are considered “absolutely critical” to Ukraine’s counteroffensive. Their high precision, evasive technology, and long-range capabilities allow Ukraine to strike Russian targets far beyond the front lines.

These missiles have a reach of about 310 miles, twice the initially advertised range of 155 miles. This expanded range has given Ukraine greater flexibility and striking power against their adversaries. However, the exact modifications made to these missiles remain unknown, as the UK’s Ministry of Defence declined to clarify.

The Arrival of SCALP-EG Missiles

The recent arrival of SCALP-EG missiles brings relief to Ukraine’s military, which had a limited supply of these powerful and expensive missiles. The SCALP-EG is the French version of the Storm Shadow missile, and its inclusion in Ukraine’s arsenal further bolsters their capabilities.

In commemoration of Ukraine’s Air Forces Day, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was seen in images writing “Glory to Ukraine” on a French-supplied missile attached to a SU-24 bomber. The missile, adorned with the Ukrainian coat of arms and the Eiffel Tower, symbolized the unity and support between France and Ukraine in their fight for sovereignty.

A Sarcastic Nod to Russia

Ukraine claimed responsibility for the bridge strikes using the Storm Shadow missile in a tweet on Sunday. In a sarcastic nod to Russia’s recent attempts to wipe out a crucial Ukrainian airfield and eliminate Ukraine’s ability to launch these missiles, Ukraine stated that the Russians had “found” these missiles when the Crimean bridges were struck.

Volodymyr Saldo, the region’s Russian-installed leader, downplayed the significance of the bridge strikes. He claimed that the checkpoint on the Chonhar bridge, which connects the peninsula to the Russian-occupied Kherson region, had been suspended. Additionally, he stated that the Henichesk bridge strike set a nearby gas pipeline ablaze, leaving local residents without a gas supply.

Expert Analysis and Russian Response

Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to Ukraine’s interior ministry, shared images depicting the damaged bridges following the missile strikes. These visual representations powerfully showcase the destructive impact of Storm Shadow missiles.

Russia, in response to these attacks, claimed to have shot down one of the missiles and was studying the recovered parts to better understand the technology and develop countermeasures. This demonstrates the growing concern among Russia’s military about the effectiveness of these missiles.


The use of French-supplied SCALP-EG missiles, the equivalent of the Storm Shadow, by Ukraine marks an important development in their fight for territorial sovereignty. These missiles provide Ukraine with a valuable advantage, with their long-range precision strike capabilities. The arrival of these missiles brings relief to Ukraine’s military, which has been operating with limited supplies.

The bridge strikes and the subsequent damage inflicted on a gas pipeline highlight Ukraine’s determination to defend its rights. Furthermore, the sarcastic nod to Russia’s recent actions underscores Ukraine’s resilience and their ability to strike back. The utilization of Storm Shadow missiles in these strikes further solidifies their significance in Ukraine’s counteroffensive strategy.

The ongoing standoff between Ukraine and Russia is shaped by the deployment of advanced military technology, such as the Storm Shadow missiles. As the conflict evolves, the international community eagerly watches, while both sides continue to develop their military capabilities to gain an upper hand.