US consumer sentiment dips in August, but inflation expectations improve.

US consumer sentiment dips in August, but inflation expectations improve.

US Consumer Sentiment Shows Promising Signs for the Economy


A Dip in US Consumer Sentiment with Positive Outlook on Inflation

In August, US consumer sentiment saw a slight dip, according to the preliminary reading by the University of Michigan. However, this dip was accompanied by positive expectations for inflation to edge lower over the next year and beyond. While the overall index of consumer sentiment fell to 71.2 from 71.6 in July, the survey revealed that consumers perceived few material differences in the economic environment from the previous month but noted substantial improvements compared to three months ago1.

Stability in Inflation Expectations

The survey showed promising signs for inflation stability. One-year inflation expectations slipped to 3.3% in August from 3.4% in July, signaling stability for three consecutive months. Moreover, the five-year inflation outlook fell to 2.9% from 3.0% in the prior month. It is noteworthy that this range has remained consistent at 2.9%-3.1% for 24 of the last 25 months. These statistics indicate a favorable outlook for inflation in the US economy2.

Consumer Perceptions Reflecting Gradual Recovery

Joanne Hsu, the director of the University of Michigan’s Surveys of Consumers, commented on the findings, stating, “In general, consumers perceived few material differences in the economic environment from last month, but they saw substantial improvements relative to just three months ago.” This sentiment suggests that while there may be some temporary fluctuations, overall, consumers are optimistic about the state of the economy and its gradual recovery3.

Insights into US Consumer Sentiment

Understanding consumer sentiment is vital for analyzing economic trends and predicting market behavior. A positive consumer sentiment index generally suggests a healthier and more confident consumer base, which fosters economic growth. Consequently, businesses can make informed decisions regarding investments, expansion plans, and pricing strategies based on consumer sentiment data.

The University of Michigan’s survey provides valuable insights by measuring consumer expectations of inflation over both the short and long-term. Stable inflation expectations are crucial for maintaining economic stability and preventing erratic behavior in the market.


While US consumer sentiment experienced a slight dip in August, there were positive indicators regarding inflation expectations. Stable one-year and five-year inflation outlooks suggest a sense of confidence among consumers in the US economy. Consumer perceptions reflecting improvements compared to three months ago indicate a gradual recovery.

Understanding consumer sentiment and expectations is vital for businesses and policymakers to make informed decisions. The University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment survey provides valuable insights into the dynamic nature of the US economy and helps create a more accurate outlook for market trends and future economic developments.

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