Video shows Russian troops being tortured, stripped naked and forced to pluck grass.

Video shows Russian troops being tortured, stripped naked and forced to pluck grass.

The Shocking Reality of Hazing in the Russian Military

Russian Military Hazing


A recently surfaced video has sent shockwaves through the Russian military, revealing a horrifying incident of hazing within the ranks. This incident, although not entirely uncommon, has caught the attention of troops and civilians alike due to its extreme nature. The video shows a Russian brigade commander forcing soldiers to strip naked, pluck grass, and subject themselves to beatings. Soldiers narrating the video express their frustration with this hazing, warning of potential mutiny if it continues.

The Gruesome Ritual

The video, shared by an Estonian blogger who covers the war in Ukraine, shows an officer of Russia’s 4th Tank Division near Moscow engaging in this brutal hazing ritual. The soldiers, stripped of their clothing, are forced to pluck grass and endure beatings with batons. This behavior has become all too familiar to Russian conscripts, who are frequently subjected to hazing experiences during their military service.

A Disturbing Trend

The incident captured in the video highlights a longstanding issue within the Russian military known as dedovshchina, a practice in which lower-ranking soldiers are subjected to degrading and often abusive treatment. This has had severe consequences for the military’s ability to recruit young men, who fear the potential humiliation and physical harm that hazing may bring.

Hazing has a deep and, at times, fatal history in the Russian military. The practice has been in existence for centuries, and despite efforts by the Russian government to eradicate it through reforms in 2008, it continues to persist. This video serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by the military in addressing this issue.

Soldiers Speak Out

The soldiers narrating the video express their frustration and warn of the potential consequences of continued hazing. “They’ll get a mutiny if they keep going that way,” one soldier says. The recording showcases the soldiers reaching their breaking point, unable to tolerate the ongoing mistreatment. Their words reveal the simmering anger and discontent within the ranks.

Uncertain Origins, Disturbing Implications

Although the exact date of the video remains unconfirmed, the location depicted in the video matches the base of the 4th Guards Tank Division in Naro-Fominsk, near Moscow. This division has experienced heavy losses in Ukraine, which lends credibility to the claims made in the video.

The video’s dissemination has raised concerns about the prevalence and acceptance of hazing within the Russian military. It has also sparked a broader discussion about the impact of such behavior on morale and discipline, ultimately weakening the military’s effectiveness.


The shocking video of hazing within the Russian military has once again brought attention to a longstanding issue that has plagued the institution. Despite previous attempts at reform, the practice of dedovshchina continues to persist, resulting in significant challenges in recruiting and maintaining a disciplined and motivated force.

The soldiers’ narration in the video serves as a powerful reminder that there are limits to the endurance of those subjected to hazing. Without further action to address this issue, the Russian military risks a potential mutiny and diminishing public trust in its ability to protect and serve.

This incident should serve as a catalyst for renewed efforts to eradicate hazing, providing young men with the assurance that their service will not subject them to humiliation or harm. By taking a firm stance against hazing, the Russian military can work towards creating a healthier and more professional environment for all its soldiers.