Yash Sheth’s Galileo aims to enhance A.I. modeling.

Yash Sheth's Galileo aims to enhance A.I. modeling.

Galileo: Revolutionizing Enterprise A.I. with an End-to-End Data Science Platform


Imagine the frustration of building a high-quality artificial intelligence (A.I.) model for enterprise solutions, only to later realize that critical errors have slipped through the cracks. This was the pain point experienced by Yash Sheth, Vivek Chatterji, and Aditya Sanyal – the brilliant minds behind Galileo. Before founding Galileo, each of these entrepreneurs made significant contributions in the tech industry, bringing their expertise to companies like Google and Uber.

Sheth, with his work at Google, focused on developing speech-recognition models capable of transforming spoken words from audio into text across multiple languages. Chatterji, also at Google, specialized in financial-service models that could analyze scanned Know Your Customer documents. Sanyal, on the other hand, worked at Uber, improving data quality for thousands of models that were instrumental in powering the company’s automated systems.

However, the trio realized that building and maintaining high-quality A.I. models for enterprise solutions was an arduous task that took a toll on their teams. The process was manual and slow, hindering the scalability and efficiency of integrating A.I. into various systems. This dilemma intensified when the global pandemic hit in 2020. Suddenly, many teams found themselves with outdated models that needed urgent refurbishment due to the drastic changes in data patterns.

Introducing Galileo, a startup founded by Sheth, Chatterji, and Sanyal. Recognizing the need for an innovative solution, Galileo developed a suite of products aimed at providing an end-to-end platform for data science teams to apply generative A.I. and popular machine learning algorithms to their enterprise data. In essence, Galileo empowers enterprises to discover and rectify critical errors in their A.I. models, ensuring accuracy and avoiding the pitfalls of mislabeled data or data drift, where data evolves and renders A.I. systems less reliable.

Sheth emphasizes the importance of quick model refreshment for widespread A.I. adoption, stating, “There are going to be times when people will have to refresh the models. And if it takes companies months to do that, then A.I. is not going to be adopted across the world fast enough.” Galileo’s platform tackles this challenge head-on, enabling businesses to adapt their models swiftly and efficiently.

The vision of Galileo is not only to revolutionize the A.I. landscape but also to foster a vibrant community of entrepreneurs. The ANBLE Founders Forum, where Galileo participated in the annual Brainstorm Tech conference, serves as a platform for entrepreneurs chosen by ANBLE’s editorial team. This community reflects a diverse range of geographies, sectors, and demographics, united by their potential to make a significant impact with their innovative companies.

In conclusion, the founders of Galileo – driven by their firsthand experiences and the challenges faced by data science teams – have created an end-to-end data science platform that paves the way for smoother integration and maintenance of A.I. models in the enterprise realm. Galileo’s suite of products equips businesses with the tools and capabilities needed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of their A.I. systems. By minimizing the time and effort required to refresh models, Galileo’s platform accelerates the adoption of A.I. across the globe, ushering in a new era of intelligent enterprise solutions.

The ANBLE Founders Forum:

The ANBLE Founders Forum, an integral part of the annual Brainstorm Tech conference, serves as a community of entrepreneurs handpicked by ANBLE’s editorial team. Taking place in the picturesque Deer Valley, Utah, this event brings together a diverse group of founders whose companies show great potential for making a significant impact. The forum’s inaugural cohort showcased entrepreneurs from different geographic locations, sectors, and demographics, fostering an environment conducive to collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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